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Walking Floor Trailer


Capacity Payload of 148 Cubic Yards or 4000 Cubic Feet, Wedge Design
Length Available in overall lengths through 53 feet
Width 102”
Crossmembers 9’x5” Hat Design on 15 3/54’ centers
Floor Keith and Halco floor systems. Solid floor options
Load Profile Every option available
Axles 5” Round, D or P spindle ends, Additional axles available, Lift and sliding axle options available
Suspension Hendrickson Intraax
Wheels 8.25” x 22.5/24.5”, Aluminum or Steel Super Single Aluminum
Tires 22.5 or 24.5 – Standard or Lo Pro radials Super Single – Michelin X-One XTE 445/50R
Brakes 16–1/2” x 7” S-Cam, quick change with spring parking brake Extended life or 8–5/8” optional, 4S/2M Anti-lock brakes
Landing Gear Binkley, Holland & Jost
Upper Coupler 1/4” Hi-tensile steel, powder coated
King Pin 18”, 24”, 30”, 36” Bolt on Option
Panels Specially designed panel connector that allows for individual panel repair
Bulkhead One piece rap around bulkhead header has no seams to fail
Front Front Cat Walk, Ladder and Door Options
Doors Swing (Double) Doors with a quad
Tarping Control Options
Tarps Various Options to meet your requirements
Electrical/Lights DOT 12volt/7-way connector Trucklite sealed and shockproof system, Side – 5 lights with mid-span turn signal. Rear – 3 lights/side and 5 in the middle. Other lighting configurations available
Mud Flaps White/Black, Anti-sail
Bumpers 2-piece DOT bumper; 4” square tube with tow hook and pusher blocks
Bolts 316, Stainless Steel
Finish Natural aluminum All steel parts primed and finished in color of your choice. Suspension and fifth wheel plate are powder coated
Warranty 5-year limited
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