Winter is just around the corner, and with the weather starting to shift and the retail demand getting primed to kick into high gear, if you’ve fallen behind on your annual maintenance and upkeep…now’s the time to get moving! With offices located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg, and with a fully operational 24/7 mobile support team standing by, it’s never been easier to make sure your vehicles are up to standard. Learn more about Kingpin Trailer’s repair and inspection services below!

Don’t Fall into a Maintenance Slump

With shipping demands at an all-time high and the stress of product shortages hitting everyone harder than usual the past few years, it’s fair to say that maintenance may not always be at the front of your mind. Even though it can be easy to be distracted by the many other demands currently facing your business, the simple reality is that maintenance is not an area you can afford to forget. Regular inspections and upkeep not only keep you in compliance with Canadian/North American hauling standards but also help you maximize the longevity of your fleet and increase everyone’s safety on the road. Staying on top of upkeep avoids costly failures down the line, increases efficiency, all most importantly, allows you to keep up with demand with peace of mind.

Kingpin’s team of skilled technicians are able to service our in-house dealer/distribution partners (MAC, XL, Doonan, and Hyundai), as well as all other products as needed. With our crew on your side, you can feel confident that you’ll have everything you need to keep your trailers running, avoid issues before they have a chance to set in and save time and money in the process!

Certified Inspections

In addition to repair and maintenance Kingpin also offers a wide variety of inspections, including Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP), ABS diagnostic and repairs, air systems & brake maintenance, and more.

24/7 Mobile Repair

Our team of mobile repair experts offers 24/7 on-site assistance across Western Canada for a wide variety of repair needs, and our extensive partnerships with industry suppliers mean we’re able to procure the parts you need fast, minimizing your downtime.

Partner with Kingpin Today

Kingpin Trailers is pleased to occur haulers across Western Canada a wide variety of repair services including bodywork, brake repair and replacement, ABS diagnosis and repair, sliding trailer repairs, modifications, hydraulics, insurance repairs and replacements and more.

If your fleet is in need of a seasonal or annual inspection, repairs or general maintenance, we’re here to help. Our team has been servicing clients throughout Western Canada since 2009 and offers 24/7 maintenance assistance. Learn more about our service department by contacting us today!