Fold-Away Hydraulic Beaver Tail Trailer


Trail King’s Advantage Hydraulic Sliding Tail (HST) trailer has become the “go to” choice for hauling professionals who are looking for dependable load-hauling strength, durability, and versatility. The HST features a low load angle, greater payload capacity and stability, more corrosion protection of critical components, and smoother, more precise operation.

The Trail King Advantage HST… destined to be the best sliding tail trailer you’ll ever own.

Front Access Panel
The front access panel offers easy access for connecting hydraulic, air and electrical lines. The panel may also be opened for
internal maintenance or repair simply by loosening four bolts.

Strength and Protection
A protective panel on the under-side of the gooseneck shields the hydraulic valves from road grime and debris, resulting in reduced maintenance and longer life. And to prevent cracking and provide extra strength, the gooseneck is reinforced with a half-moon gusset and a brace that runs the full depth of the beam.

Centered Rollers
As the axles travel, the dovetail deck rides securely on 5″-wide rollers that are centered on the main beams. This prevents
damage to the flange, a common problem in offset designs.

One-Piece Construction
Trail King I-beams are con-structed of one-piece web and flange material and welded on all four sides to seal and protect the
seams from rust. Then the entire trailer is primed and painted with a two-component polyurethane primer and paint before decking is installed for complete protection from the elements – even in places you can’t see.

Even “dead” equipment can be loaded with ease with the standard 20,000-lb. winch with level wind (mounted above the
king pin). Winch guard and 65′ cable with locking safety hook are also standard.

Upper Deck Ramp
The 10′ hydraulic recessed ramp to the upper deck provides a 10° load angle. A special locking mechanism (see inset) ensures
that the upper deck ramp stays in place during loading, even if the hydraulics should fail.

Low Load Angle
With wheels moved forward, the tail can be lowered to a 10° load angle. The resulting transition from the tail to the deck at the hinge point allows low ground clearance equipment, such as scissor lifts and manlifts, to be loaded with ease.

Improved Scalability
Because the wheels are positioned farther back on the trailer, “scalablity” is improved. What’s more, the hydraulic
cylinder is completely closed when the trailer is in the transport position, thereby protecting the cylinder rod from road debris
when the trailer is moving.

Flexible Protective Track
Special flexible track encases and protects traveling air and electrical lines from pinching or abrasion that could lead to premature failure.

Protected Electrical System
The HST features rubber-mounted, shock-proof, sealed lights and rubber grommets wherever wiring runs through the frame for a longer, trouble-free, low-maintenance performance life.

Twelve-Beam Approach Plate
Two outside I-beams provide the extra strength necessary to prevent “peeling off” the edge of the ramp during loading. Ten formed beams in between provide solid support across the whole width of the approach plate.

Flip Tail Lock
When the trailer is in the transport position, the flip tail cannot settle to the ground – even in the event of hydraulic failure – thanks to the automatic flip tail lock.


Capacity: 80,000 lbs uniform / 50,000 lbs in 10 ft.
47′ 11″ Overall Length,102″ wide, 49″ loaded 5th wheel height
16″ king pin setting with 86″ swing clearance
10 ga. floor plate decking on upper deck
20,000 lb. hydraulic winch with level wind (mounted above king pin)
Winch guard
Wireless remote for winch (1 function, 2 buttons)
80′ winch cable with locking safety hook
10′ Hydraulic recessed ramp to upper deck (10°)
15′ 10″ hydraulic tail with 48″ fold-under,
10° load angle (with 235/75R 17.5 tires)
Tail raises to 58″ dock height and lowers to ground
Heavy duty I-beam style tail hinge beam
Five pair of vertical supports inside fold under
Star Traction over steel in tail and fold-under approach plate
Hydraulic sliding axles
No traveling hydraulic lines for sliding axle operation
Air and electrical lines contained in protective track
Air Ride raising/lowering with switch on upper deck
1 3/8″ (NET) apitong decking (deck and upper deck ramp)
External stake pockets on 48″ centers, alternating with
internal key slots for a tie down every 24″
49″ axle spacing
25,000 lb axles (5/8″ wall)
Air Ride suspension
4S2M ABS Brakes
Automatic slack adjusters
6.75 X 17.5 8-hole hub piloted wheels
One-piece oil seals
Pro Tork axle nuts
235/75R17.5 – 16 ply radial tires
Dual Hydraulic controls (each side)
2 tool boxes at front of upper deck
Pin-type park stands
LED lights, 50 state legal
Rubber mounted sealed lights with sealed harness system
Three tail lights per side (Amber in center)
Electrical system per DOT regulations
Midturn signal clearance lights
Red & white conspicuity markings
Paint: Trail King 2-part polyurethane
Mud flaps

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