Live Bottom Dump Trailer


The Advantage Series Over-The-Fifth-Wheel Live Bottom (OLB) incorporates lightweight, smooth aluminum sheeting and a re-engineered frame into a new lower, lighter, more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient design. And, by lowering the overall height of the trailer and extending the hopper two feet forward, we’ve improved the load distribution and lowered the payload center of gravity for more load-handling stability. Other features include 36″ belt width patented floor system, and self-lubricating chain oiler system.

The Trail King Advantage Series OLB… destined to be the best live bottom you’ll ever own.


Sloped walls
(60′) reduce segregation of loads during transport and eliminate bridging problems. 96″ hopper width standard (102″ option).

Air-Ride Suspension
(optional) also available with air-lift axles. Three-leaf suspension is standard.

Electric Cab Control
(standard) with rear over-ride.

Two-Speed Crank-Up Landing Legs

Exceptional hauling versatility
asphalt and asphalt-related materials – one trailer serves many needs.

Crank-n-Go Tarps
(optional) are available with a manual or electric drive.

Release Agent Spray System.

Locking Tailgate
with lift package (standard)

Direct Hydrostatic Drive
with double-reduction planetary gearbox eliminates the problems associated with chain drives.

Clean and efficient horizontal discharge
in one revolution or less makes unloading easy and reduces cycle time.

Flip-Up Mud Flaps,
new convenient hinged design for better paver hopper clearance.

Continuous Belt
of heat-and oil-resistant two-ply rubber moves entire load to the rear for discharge. The 36″ belt is attached to steel slats and moved by double pitch roller chain on steel tracks.

Heavy-Duty Roller Chain
with easy access chain oiler system.

Innovative over-the-fifth-wheel body
distributes weight over the entire length of the tractor and trailer, including the steer axle, for maximum payloads within legal limits. Coupled with short wheelbase tractors, these combinations can be highly maneuverable.

Capacity 28 cu. yds. 32 cu. yds. 29 cu. yds. 24 cu. yds. 24 cu. yds. 32 cu. yds.
Overall length (A) 407″ 407″ 367″ 307″ 30’7″ 44’7″
Overall height (B) 8’6″ (96″ body) 9’2″ 9’2″ 9’2″ 9’2″ 8’6″ (96″ body)
Overall width 102″ 102″ 102″ 102″ 102″ 102″
King pin height (C) 49″ 49″ 49″ 49″ 49″ 49″
King pin to center of last axle (D) 35’11” 35’11” 31’11 25’11” 25’11” 39’11
Number of Axles 2 3 3 3 4 3
Empty weight ±3% 13,350 lbs. 15,390 lbs. 14,900 lbs. 13,850 lbs. 14,980 lbs. 15,900 lbs.



  • Tarp systems – manual and electric
  • Multiple axle configurations
  • Aluminum sheeting/insulation
  • Air-Ride suspensions
  • Air lift suspensions
  • Gravel service belt in lieu of heat and oil resistant
  • Flow control valve
  • 102″ wide body (extra capacity)
  • Pressurized 12 gal. spray system ‘Tire and wheel options
  • Paint options

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