Mechanical Detachable Gooseneck Lowbed


Trail King Mechanical-Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Lowboys comes loaded with the most standard equipment of any trailer of its kind in the market as well as a variety of options, including lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum optional features. Best of all, these lowboys are engineered to accommodate four interchangeable gooseneck styles to suit your hauling requirements and provide all the versatility you need.


3-Position Stirrups
The three position stirrups (on mechanical goose-necks only) can easily accommodate a variety of desired 5th wheel heights and deck heights.

Multi-Position Gooseneck Adjustment Doors
The multi-position gooseneck door adjustment allows for a full range of king pin height settings. The notched control bar for the handle takes the guesswork out of setting the gooseneck doors in the desired position.

Extended Tapered Front Approach
The front approach ramps. featuring heavy duty 3/4″ full-width traction aids, have been extended forward to lower the front edge of the ramp to only 4′. Ramp pullouts can be added by simply removing the aluminum side panels.

Hi-Lo Hydraulic Gooseneck
The hydraulic gooseneck (optional) delivers over 34″ vertical range of motion for the deck, from 9 3/4″ below grade to over 24 1/2″ ground clearance, to accommodate a variety of less-than-perfect loading, hauling, and unloading circumstances.

Roller Assembly and Remote Access Panel
Removable roller pin makes roller maintenance and replacement easier. Optional retractable gooseneck pins makes the switch to a flip neck possible without removing rollers. Access panel is removable for easy maintenance of hydraulic, air and electrical lines.

Wheel Area with Mini-Boom Trough
Deeper mini-boom trough provides clearance for equipment with hitches. In addition to pro-viding a convenient step for the operator. the removable plates provide easy access to axles. Traction aids and D-rings in transition area are standard.

New Wheel Area Tail Channel
The wheel area is standard with steel outer rails, crossmembers, and tail channel, as well as dock bumpers, and flip axle reinforcements. (Exception: flip axle reinforcement is an add-on option on the TK70MG-HG model.)

Gooseneck Storage Area with Chain Rack
The mechanical gooseneck comes with a storage area and chain rack. The back wall of the storage area also serves to cover the front center section of the gooseneck. Available options include a removable aluminum door (inset) and two storage area lights with switch.

V-Shaped Alignment Guide
The V-shaped guide directs the gooseneck into position during hook-up, making it a quick, easy one-person operation. A horizontal safety pin locks the main pin in place so it cannot accidentally disconnect.

Storage Area/Full Width Crossmembers
The main frame features steel crossmembers on 12″ centers: 8″ full-width alternating with 4″ stub crossmembers in the outer bays. (Also available: aluminum I-beam or bar beam cross members.) Removable decking fn front 61 of center bay reveals storage area for outriggers, etc.

Air Ride Suspension Controls
The air control pane; is housed in an aluminum control box conveniently located between the axles on the driver’s side of the trailer. No more having to climb up on the trailer or reach over a flip axle to get to the controls.

Quick Coupler and Bulkhead Adaptors
Quick coupler air lines on the MG (hydraulic lines on HG) are attached to adaptors on the bulkhead of We deck. Electrical line features a replaceable jumper cable between the neck and the deck. Replacing damaged lines is easy and convenient.

D-Rings, Tie Downs and Outrigger Brackets
The MG-HG includes thirteen pair of various kinds of D-rings (straight, bent-style, recessed. and pan-style), top flange keyhole slots for I/2″ chains on 24″ centers, and swing-out brackets on 24″ centers for mounting (optional) full-depth outriggers.


Aluminum Packages
Various “aluminum packages” are available for the gooseneck (full width only), main deck, and wheel area, including such things as aluminum I-beam or box beam cross members, outer rails, decking, and front and rear channels.

Flip Neck Extensions
Gooseneck flip extensions allow for more precise weight distribution to the truck axles, greater swing clearance, and shorter trailer length for back haul.

Aluminum Pull-Out Outriggers
Aluminum pull-outs include full-width aluminum box beam cross members on 16′ centers. The pull-outs, when fully extended, provide an overall trailer width of 13 feet.

Additional Axles
Configure your MG-HG to suit your particular hauling needs, with the addition of a flip axle or third fixed axle.

Self-Contained Unit
Aluminum pull-outs include full-width aluminum box beam cross members on 16′ centers. The pull-outs, when fully extended, provide an overall trailer width of 13 feet.

Capacity (concentrated in 16′) 60,000 lbs 70,000 lbs 80,000 lbs 90,000 lbs
Full width mechanical gooseneck (14″ KP / 82″ SC) 9’10” 9’10” 10’2″ 10’2″
Usable deck length 29′ 29′ 28′ 8″ 28′ 8″
Reinforced for flip axle No Yes Yes Yes



  • 4-beam main frame construction
  • Steel cross members 12″ OC full width in main frame;
  • 8″ I-beam alternating with 4″ I-beam cross members; keyhole slots 24″ OC
  • Tapered front approach (down to 4″ at front)
  • 3/4″ Traction aids on front approach and wheel area transition
  • Swing-out brackets and storage area with loose decking over top of storage area in center bay
  • 8 pair bent D-Rings on main frame
  • 1 3/8″ Apitong decking main deck (raised)
  • Steel wheel area, includes steel outer rails, cross members and tail channel
  • Mini boom trough in wheel area
  • 1 pair straight D-Rings on wheel area transition
  • 1 pair straight pan style D-Rings on front wheel area corners
  • 1 pair straight recessed D-Rings on rear wheel area corners
  • 1 1/8″ Apitong decking wheel area (Flush)
  • Dock bumpers at rear of wheel area
  • Triangle cut-outs on beams
  • Mud flaps
  • Flag holder tubes front and rear of trailer
  • Wide load sign brackets
  • Air ride suspension w/adjustable ride height
  • Raising and lowering for air ride
  • Liquid-filled air gauge
  • 54.5″ Axle spacing
  • 25,000-lb. (5 1/8″ wall) axles
  • 161/2″ x 7″ Air brakes with automatic slack adjusters
  • 4S2M anti-lock brakes
  • Steel hub-piloted – cast drum
  • 8.25 x 22.5 10-hole steel disc wheel
  • 255/70R22.5 – HT 16-ply (tire only) (per tire)
  • One-piece oil seals
  • Electrical system per DOT regulations
  • Rubber mounted sealed lights and harness system
    • LED light package (50-state legal)
    • 1 pair on side of gooseneck
    • 1 pair on front of gooseneck (full width only)
    • 5 pair on main deck 0-X-0-X-0
    • 1 pair on wheel area
  • Air and electrical installed after paint
  • Red & white conspicuity markings
  • Blasted prior to paint
  • Color: Trail King 2-part polyurethane

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