Need trailer support and solutions that help you stay on the road and haul safely? Kingpin Trailers is here to help. As one of Western Canada’s top providers of trailers and a certified service provider, Kingpin Trailers makes it easy to stay on the road and keep your fleet up to date. At each of our locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Vancouver, our team of experts offer 24/7 mobile service, a qualified inspection team that’s readily available to help with CVIP evaluations and more. With decades of experience behind us, Kingpin knows how important it is to have access to support when it matters most. That’s why we’re always here to keep you covered and ensure you can get back to hauling ASAP. Learn more about it’s crucial to stay on top of routine maintenance and why Kingpin makes it easy to stay up to date below!

Quality Matters

As any qualified hauler will tell you, quality doesn’t stop when you buy your rig. From the moment you drive off the lot and hit the road for your first haul, maintenance becomes your biggest asset to keeping your fleet in top shape and avoiding costly repair fees, not to mention potential fines and lost clientele from breakdowns. Establishing a dedicated maintenance schedule and staying on top of all repairs extends your investment, and partnering with the right service provider will allow you to do so without breaking the bank. At Kingpin, we value the opportunity to provide exceptional servicing to all of our clients, including those who run with our partnered distributors (MAC, Hyundai, Doonan, and more). Our goal is, and always will be, to keep you on the road and make your life easier on every haul. From minor tune-ups to major repairs and everything in between, you can count on Kingpin to have your back.

Smooth Running

We all know how easy it is to skip a maintenance inspection here and there, especially when the busy season starts. With that being said, if you fall behind on upkeep, the potential (and in most cases, inevitable) cost is significantly smaller than having a truck momentarily out of commission. Visiting one of our techs, or having us come to you, makes it far easier to spot developing problems before they have a chance to cause significant damage, saving you time and money in the long run. By staying up to date, you’ll save yourself time and money and ensure that your crew is ready to hit the road with minimal complications.

Safety First

At Kingpin Trailers, safety is king. Our team knows how crucial repairs and maintenance are for keeping everyone on the road safe, as well as ensuring your fleet is compliant with all current standards. From routine CVIP inspections to seasonal care, Kingpin’s techs will always put the safety of your fleet, haulers, and fellow drivers on the road first.


As we’ve mentioned above, a big component of repair and maintenance is ensuring your trailers are compliant with Canada’s many guidelines. Such specifications require inspection and work completion by certified technicians, which we proudly have in house.

We’ll Meet You on the Road

Life doesn’t always make it easy to make it into the shop, we get it! That’s why Kingpin Trailers is happy to offer our customers 24/7 mobile service, 365 days of the year. From remedying the unexpected to saving you time, our mobile experts are just a phone call away and always ready to assist. Kingpin mechanics come prepared with onboard welding equipment, tools, lights and a vast selection of standard parts.

When you need to go the distance, our team is here to help. Contact us now to find out more!