Tag Trailer


Trail King’s Tag trailer is outfitted with the highest quality materials for increased durability and capacity. All TKLP models feature standard equipment that pro-vides stress-free, safe and efficient operation every time for peace of mind when you’re on the go.

Invest in a Trail King Tag trailer for the best level of performance time and time again.


Safety Chains
Heavy-duty safety chains with GVWR-rated grab hooks are built tough for years of dependable service.

Adjustable Hitch
Accommodate a wide variety of towing vehicles with an adjustable 4-bolt hitch rated for the full GVWR of the trailer

Safety Headboard
The safety headboard provides extra dimension of safety and load-hauling security.

Extended Beavertail
A full 60″ beavertail comes standard, allowing for a lower load angle and increased loading ease and safety. Note: Ramps shown with new optional bolt-on knife edge.

Axles, Wheels, and Tires
Truck-type axles and wheels, oil seal hubs, and radial tires are standard equipment. So you not only get the right equipment for the job, you also get less down time, easier maintenance, and long service life.

Drop Leg Jack
Bolt-on 12,000-lb jack with drop leg.

The conveniently located toolbox is roomy enough to store chains and tools and, because it is lockable, it is secure enough for you to do so with confidence.

Oak Decking
All TKLP models come with 1.5″ nominal oak decking that is double screwed to cross members to prevent cupping. This deck will stand up to years of rugged service.

Lightweight Ramps
Lift one and see for yourself…Trail King self-supporting 60″ ramps with spring-assist are lightweight, strong and easy to handle. Choose between standard ladder-type or optional wood-filled.

I-Beam Crossmembers
Crossmembers consist of 80,000 psi yield beams spaced for maximum strength and deck life.

Heavy-Duty Bent D-Rings
Forged D-rings for your trailer to handle even your toughest hauling requirements.

Bolt-on Spare Tire Carrier
Optional feature that allows you to safely mount and easily remove a spare tire.

Break-Away System
Sealed electric break-away system on TK20/24 models with electric brakes located in tongue area.

Protected Electrical System
Features rubber-mounted, shock-proof, sealed lights and rubber grommets for all wiring through the frame for longer, trouble-free, low-maintenance performance life.

Payload Capacity 20,000 lb. 24,000 lb. 40,000 lb. 50,000 lb.
5′ Tongue Length X X X X
Pintle Eye Hitch (Adjustable Height) 18.75″ – 30″ 18.75″ – 30″ 16.5″ – 32″ 16.5″ – 32″
12,000 lb. HD Jack with Spring Foot X X X X
Loaded Deck Height 33″ 34″ 33″ 33″
Deck Width 102″ 102″ 102″ 102″
Deck Length (Flat + Beavertail) 24′ (19′ + 5′) 24′ (19′ + 5′) 26′ (21′ + 5′) 30′ (25′ + 5′)
Structural Steel Main Frame X X X X
1.5″ Oak Decking (Raised) X X X X
Self-Cleaning Beavertail (includes mud flaps) X X X X
Self-Cleaning Beavertail (includes mud flaps) X X X X
5′ Ladder Style Ramps with Spring Assist X X X X
Maximum Adjustable Ramps X X X X
Suspension Dexter Slipper Spring Dexter Slipper Spring Hutch 9700 Hutch 9700
Axles (2) 10,000 lb. (2) 12,000 lb. (2) 22,500 lb. (3) 22,500 lb.
Brakes Electric Electric 12.25″ x 7.5″ 12.25″ x 7.5″
Dual Steel Disc Wheels ( 8 Hole) 6″ x 16″ 6″ x 16″ 6.75″ x 17.5″ 6.75″ x 17.5″
Tires 235/80R x 16 235/80R x 16 215/75R x 17.5 215/75R x 17.5
(10) D-Rings X X X X
Safety Chains with Grab Hooks X X X X
Lockable Toolbox X X X X
Headboard X X X X
Registration Holder X X X X
LED Lights X X X X
Electrical System per DOT Regulations X X X X
Red and White Conspicuity Markings X X X X
Trail King 2-Part Polyurethane Primer & Paint X X X X


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