When it comes to transporting oversized freight, finding the right trailer for the job is essential. Lowboy and removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers offer substantial benefits to haulers, and feature some key differences that haulers should be aware of. Below, we’ll go over a brief profile for both RGNs and lowboys, as well highlight a few of Kingpin Trailer’s currently available models. Read on to learn more!

Hauling Capacities

One of the key distinguishing features between removable goose neck trailers and lowboys comes down to loading functionality and hauling capacity. A two-axle double drop lowboy trailer can support up to 48,000 pounds with the opportunity to double this capacity by using additional axles. A double drop well can range in length from 24 to 29.6’. These lengths make the trailers ideal for equipment like bulldozers, heavy equipment, and more. The standard RGN configuration consists of:

  • Tri-axle to support up to 55,000lbs
  • Fixed neck
  • 29’6″ well

Removable gooseneck trailers can be configured to support up to 150,000 pounds or more across multiple axles and the main deck length is typically 29’6, making them ideal for cranes and implement machinery. The standard RGN configuration consists of:

  • Tandem axle to support up to 48,000lbs
  • 29’6″ well.

RGN Unique Feature: Ramp Loading

When hauling the heavy freight that is common for semi-trailers, one of the most distinctive advantages for RGNs is the ability to use a ramp for loading. RGNs can be lowered to the ground to create a large ramp for vehicles or equipment to be driven right onto the trailer, which is made possible by the hydraulic powered gooseneck. Having the ability to load via a ramp is beneficial as it removes the need to procure additional equipment like cranes or lifts.

Lowboy Ins and Outs

Fixed neck lowboys, as the name suggests, do not have a removable gooseneck and are often lighter weight to permit for more load capacity. Loading is available from both the side and the back. Lowboys are often used for the Oil & Gas, Agriculture, and Construction and Paving Industries.
Ultimately, when it comes to making the decision between purchasing a standard lowboy or RGN trailer, you’ll want to keep your hauling capacity, loading abilities, and budget in mind.

Lowboy Trailers at Kingpin

As the leading North American manufacturer of a complete line of trailers, Trail King designs, engineers, and produces hauling solutions for multiple industries. Kingpin is proud to carry several of Trail King’s products in our inventory, including the following:

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