Your Source for Trail King Trailers

Kingpin Trailers is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Trail King Trailers in Alberta and Lower Mainland British Columbia! At Kingpin, we take pride in ensuring our customer have access to the best hauling and towing products the industry has to offer. Trail King...

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Kingpin Repairs Trailers in Edmonton

Trailer Repairs With winter around the corner, it’s time to catch up on any outstanding trailer checkups and service. Ice, road salt, and snow can wreak havoc on a non-maintained trailer, and lead to unnecessary hazards. Common repairs include: Electrical With a busy...

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Kingpin Trailers: Your Source For Pneumatic Trailers

Pneumatic Trailer Tanks When it comes to loading and hauling dry materials like sand, cement, fly ash, and more, pneumatic trailers are your industry leading solution, Canada-wide. With their highly efficient self-contained design, pneumatic trailers make...

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