Fleet and Trailer Repairs

When your fleet is facing losses due to untimely downtime, you’ll need professional semi-truck and trailer repair services. Fortunately, Kingpin Trailers and our team of licenced technicians are here to help! No matter the size of your fleet or the types of trucks and trailers you use, Kingpin Trailers is your one-stop shop for all your fleet and trailer repair needs. 

Ready to ensure your fleet gets back on the road as soon as possible after a breakdown? Let Kingpin Trailers lend you a hand with our comprehensive fleet and trailer repair services!

Why Choose Kingpin Trailers

Since our establishment in 2009, Kingpin Trailers has been servicing and selling semi-truck trailers across Western Canada. We have 12 service bays and an expansive inventory of semi-trailers from industry-leading manufacturers. With our team of experienced technicians and our fully-equipped shop facility, Kingpin Trailers provides various fleet and trailer repair services. That means, no matter the size of your fleet, Kingpin Trailers is here to address all your repair needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. So when you need full-service trailer solutions, Kingpin is here to repair and service your equipment to manufacturer standards.

Cost-Effective and Professional Repairs

At Kingpin Trailers, we pride ourselves on providing individual operators and trucking companies with the cost-effective professional repair services they need to keep their fleets on the road. Our certified technicians are highly skilled and experienced to ensure that your semi-trailers and trucks are repaired to even the most stringent manufacturing standards. Kingpin Trailers aims to get your fleet back on the road as soon as possible after experiencing a breakdown. So no matter the type of semi-truck or trailer repairs you need, Kingpin Trailers’ technicians are qualified and ready to help.

Services offered at Kingpin Trailers:

  • Insurance Claim Repairs
  • Bodywork
  • Brake Repair and Replacements (Air and Electric)
  • Electrical and Hydraulic System Repairs
  • ABS Diagnosis and Repairs
  • Frame Straightening and Deck Re-arching
  • Power Tailgates and Rail Lift Gates
  • Floor Repairs and Replacements
  • Suspension Repairs (Including Sliding Suspension)
  • Sliding Trailer Repairs
  • CVIPs for Trucks and Trailers
  • Axle Additions, Eliminations, and Alignments
  • Metal Fabrication and Welding
  • Pintle Hook installation
  • Dolly Construction and Fabrication
  • Landing Gear 
  • B620 Inspection, Test and Repair of TC 406 and TC 306 Highway Transport Tanks
  • Custom Trailer Modifications
  • And More!

Keep Your Fleet on the Road with Kingpin Trailers

At Kingpin Trailers, we take pride in providing our customers with comprehensive and professional semi-truck and trailer repair services. As an authorized dealer for Hyundai Translead, Doonan, and XL Specialized Trailers in Western Canada, Kingpin Trailers is your trusted source for all your semi-truck and trailer needs. 

If your fleet requires reliable, professional repair services, Kingpin Trailers is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive fleet and trailer repairs.

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