In the trucking industry, the type of trailer used for delivery depends entirely on the cargo! When hauling temperature-dependent cargo like fresh produce, flowers or frozen meat, the most important factor to successful delivery is a reliable reefer trailer.

A reliable reefer trailer is essential in the summer, especially with Canada’s record-breaking heatwaves! You can trust Hyundai’s reefer trailers to keep your cargo safe and fresh, protecting your bottom line.

Below, we will discuss the top five features of Hyundai Translead’s reefer trailers and why Kingpin Trailers is the top choice for sourcing a trailer.

Hyundai Translead

Since 2017, Hyundai has been the number one North American manufacturer of semi-trailers, as they were the first manufacturer to develop an ISO 9001 trailer. Hyundai Translead’s tremendous success is due to the superior quality of its products through progressive engineering and manufacturing processes. Their refrigerated semi-trailers are second to none, dominating the Canadian highways.

Kingpin Trailers currently stocks the Hyundai Translead Carrier X4 7300 Reefer and the ThermoKing Precedent S-600 Reefer. Both models are fantastic and share the following notable features:


The ThermoTech® Refrigerated Van reliably delivers freight with a lower lifetime operational cost than other reefer trailer brands. The processes developed at the Hyundai factory continue to make it the lowest cost of reefer trailer in the market. Additionally, the trailer boasts an IIHS ToughGuard awarded RIG-30L bumper and an 18,000 lbs. floor rating.

Thermal Efficiency

The tight seal throughout the van frame combines with improvements in insulation materials and application for greater thermal efficiency. The floor sills are reinforced with polypropylene and corrosion-resistant screws, and the interlocking joints create a leak-proof seal to prevent moisture intrusion.

The insulation foam is computer-controlled to ensure proper mix, density and placement for optimal performance, accuracy and quality. The automated filling process ensures the one-piece seamless bonded corner cover is accurately filled, leaving no voids behind.


Enhanced materials and engineering make the ThermoTech® stronger and lighter by using hybrid steel & aluminum components. The roof is a single corrugated sheet bonded to the foam insulation, reducing the possibility of delamination from temperature changes.

Hot-Dipped Galvanization

An anti-corrosion package with hot-dipped galvanization is a standard feature in all Hyundai Translead products. Galvanization protects against winter road chemicals like magnesium and calcium chloride, which cuts down on maintenance costs. Hyundai’s hot-dip galvanization allows for 5x longer life on the road and 6x stronger alloy bonding.

Efficiency & Savings

Hyundai’s use of enhanced materials and clever engineering creates a stronger, lighter, more fuel-efficient product. With increased freight capacity, greater road efficiency and reliability, and reduced fuel consumption, Hyundai Translead makes the greatest reefer trailers on the market.

Kingpin Trailers is Canada’s Source for Hyundai Parts

Kingpin Trailers proudly doubles as Western Canadian Parts Warehouse for Hyundai Translead proprietary parts. Kingpin is Western Canada’s number-one source for all things Hyundai. We use lightning-fast next-day shipping, so you will never have to worry about unreasonable delays or lead times with Kingpin Trailers.

Unbeatable Service with Kingpin Trailers

Kingpin Trailers offers extensive repair and maintenance services at all our Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg locations. From CVIP inspections to routine checkups, mobile repair and more, you can trust us to have you covered while on the road.

Learn more about our Hyundai reefer trailers and available services by contacting our team today.