When it comes time to expanding your hauling operation, detachable gooseneck trailers make a welcome addition to any fleet. Capable of handling heavy loads with superior weight distribution, these detachable gooseneck trailers offer you versatility and serve as a wise investment. As one of the top suppliers of hauling and transport solutions in Western Canada, Kingpin is proud to maintain a robust inventory of trailers across our locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver, including several gooseneck models. Learn more about the benefits of detachable gooseneck trailers as well as our currently available inventory below.

Exploring Mechanical and Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Trailers

As an industry staple, detachable gooseneck trailers offer a wide range of benefits to those in the oil & gas, construction, heavy equipment, forestry, and demolition sectors. Intentionally designed with a low profile, loading and unloading is simple, with the deck being able to carry legal loads up to 12 ft tall with minimal hindrance. The design also lends itself to a superior centre of gravity that keeps loads balanced and secure during transport, even in difficult conditions. With two main options available, mechanical and hydraulic, finding the right fit for your specific hauling needs is simple.

Mechanical Goosenecks connect manually and tend to be lighter than their hydraulic counterparts. The simplicity of a mechanical gooseneck’s design makes attaching the trailer easy, with select models featuring the additional benefit of being foldable. The lightness of mechanical gooseneck frames makes them well-suited to long distance hauling without over expending on fuel.

Hydraulic Detachable Goosenecks, as the name suggests, utilize the hydraulic cylinders to attach and disconnect to your truck. While the hydraulic aspect does tend to make these models heavier, the trailers are more forgiving with loads and make it easy to raise and lower the deck as needed. Hydraulic detachable goosenecks are extremely versatile in application and feature optional extensions like beavertails which make rear loading a possibility when needed.

Trail King Detachable Gooseneck Trailers At Kingpin

As the leading North American manufacturer of a complete line of trailers, Trail King designs, engineers, and produces trailers that service the needs of multiple industries. With a reputation for quality and performance, Trail King trailers are known to be among the best on the road. Kingpin is proud to carry several of Trail King’s products in our inventory, including the following:

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