In need of a hauling solution that can transport your fresh goods safely? Reefer trailers have you covered.

Climate controlled shipping is an innovation that has made possible the transportation of fresh produce, dry goods, and other goods sensitive to the temperature safely and efficiently. Temperature controlled trailers function by maintaining a consistent internal temperature designed to preserve the condition of the cargo, even on long-haul trips. Temperature controlled trailers, also referred to as Reefer units, can play an essential role for any company in the professional hauling or transportation industry. Learn more about the benefits of reefer trucks, as well as our available models, below.

Safe Transportation in Extreme Temperatures

As veterans of the hauling industry will known, Western Canada is notorious for its extreme and fluctuating temperatures. Cities and towns in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan sometimes experience heat waves of over 40 °C during the summer months, with temperatures in the winter sometimes dropping as low as -40 °C.

Excessive heat can cause fresh produce to spoil before reaching their destination. Seafood, meat, plants, dairy, and pharmaceuticals are examples of other perishables that should be transported in temperature controlled trailers. Drastic temperature fluctuations can cause wood furniture, fine art, books, antiques, and other sensitive items to crack, warp or split. Reefer trailers will keep your goods at a consistent temperature below 32 °C and above 0 °C.

Keep Up With Demand

Temperature controlled trailers allow companies to keep up with demand for perishables like fresh produce no matter the season or climate. The addition of reefer trailers to your fleet will boost your company’s ability to keep up with fluctuating levels of demand, while also protecting your clients’ inventory.

Additional Protection from Theft and Damage

Not only can temperature controlled trailers protect goods from spoilage and harsh weather conditions, they also offer protection from theft and damage. The professional hauling and transportation industry in Western Canada loses a significant amount of money each year due to stolen and damaged goods; temperature controlled trailers can save your company money by reducing the quantity of goods lost due to theft or damage.


Another advantage of temperature controlled trailers is durability. Designed for long life cycles and harsh environments, a well-maintained reefer trailer will last a minimum of one decade.

Compliance and Regulation

Recent regulations throughout the shipping world have significantly increased the demand for reefer trailers. Laws and regulations have mandated the use of temperature controlled vehicles to prevent food borne illness and maintain the freshness of perishables. If you regularly haul fresh goods, dried products, pharmaceuticals and other affected products, a reefer trailer will help ensure your fleeting is up to all shipping and hauling regulations.

Reefer Trailers At Kingpin

Kingpin Trailers is one Western Canada’s leading suppliers of hauling and transport solutions. Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, we maintain additional locations in Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg and serve as an authorized dealer for top brands like Hyundai, Trail King, and Mac.

Kingpin’s inventory is regularly updated and currently features temperature controlled trailers including:

2020 Hyundai Thermotech; 53′ Refridgerated Van,

2020 53′ Hyundai Thermotech Duo-Temp Reefer

Contact Kingpin Trailers today for more information about available models, as well as our additional products and services.