Have you encountered a recent bump in the road that has one of your fleet vehicles facing an insurance claim for damage? It’s a fact of “life on the road” that your trailers will be exposed to hazards, and sometimes even the most advanced drivers can’t prevent incidences from occurring. At Kingpin Trailers, we offer repair and maintenance services for customers across Western Canada and feature both onsite support at our locations in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg, as well as 24/7 mobile support. Our team is certified to serve as repair technicians for each of the brands we carry, and can also assist with insurance-related repairs and bodywork as needed.

Below, we’ll cover some of the most common repairs we see with insurance claims, as well as what you need to look at should you ever have one of your fleet vehicles involved in an accident. Read on to learn more

Frame Straightening

Even the most durable of frames can be warped or compromised in the event of a collision, even if the impact was minimal or one-sided (i.e. spin-outs into snowbanks or off-road). The reality is when you’re hauling product, there’s extra strain on the frame of your trailer, and any kind of accident can lead to the structural integrity being compromised as a result. Frame straightening is not only one of the most common forms of bodywork, but is also one of the most important in terms of safety and ensuring you’re able to get back on the road legally.

Body Work

As with above, when you’re hauling heavy content, if you encounter a literal or figurative bump in the road, you’re likely going to need some bodywork done. Whether the cab or bed of the trailer itself is damaged, our team can take a close look and see what needs to be done to rectify the situation.

Brake and Operation Systems

This is another must-check in the event of an accident. Insurers will often want brake and operation systems looked at closely for detailed reporting in the event of a claim, but they should always be front of mind yourself as well.

Paint Job

Facing a brand new “racing stripe” that doesn’t quite match your logo? We can help. While investigating other aspects like your side rails and upper couplers for safety and performance, we can also make sure your trailer comes out looking new!

Repair and Maintenance Services at Kingpin Trailers

As a manufacturer and insurance-approved service provider, Kingpin proudly offers a wide variety of repair services including bodywork, brake repair and replacement, ABS diagnosis and repair, sliding trailer repairs, modifications, hydraulics, insurance repairs and replacements and more. Whether you’re in need of assistance after a mishap, need seasonal or annual inspections done, or want to stay on top of general maintenance, Kingpin Trailers is here to help. Our team has been servicing clients throughout Western Canada since 2009 and offers 24/7 maintenance assistance. Learn more about our service department by contacting us today!