The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not work in the hauling industry because of the diversity of goods being transported. You wouldn’t use a dry van to haul fresh produce or a reefer van to haul freights of paper products. To have an efficient and effective fleet of freight trailers, you must have suitable equipment for the application and cargo being transported.

The cargo is the determining factor in the hauling and transporting industry. This principle is the determining factor in choosing a flat deck trailer versus a drop deck; both have strengths and weaknesses and should be utilized accordingly.

Continue reading to learn about the differences between Doonan’s Titanium Flat Deck trailer and the Platinum Drop Deck trailer.

What’s the difference?

At first glance, the differences between the Titanium trailer and the Platinum trailer from Doonan Specialized Trailers, LLC may not be immediately apparent. We stock both styles at Kingpin Trailers, but how do you know which one will suit the needs of your fleet?

First and foremost, the flat and drop deck trailers are made from steel, aluminum, or a combination of steel and aluminum.To clarify any confusion, ‘Titanium’ and ‘Platinum’ are the model names, but the trailers are not made of these metals.

Doonan Titanium Aluminum Flat or Step Deck Trailers

Flat decks are the most basic and versatile style of open trailers and the most common trailers you will see on the highway. Doonan’s Titanium flat deck trailer is their latest evolution of flatbeds with new enhancements, added value and durability. Its light weight aluminum makes it a very desirable trailer when payload is a critical factor

Typically, flat decks have a maximum height of 60” at the front that tapers to 54” in the rear, which is standard dock height, and the maximum freight height is 8’4”. A drop deck trailer is a better option if taller loads are required.

Doonan Platinum Combo Flat or Drop Deck Trailers

Doonan’s Platinum drop deck trailers are relatively lightweight, weighing less than 9,100 pounds, positively impacting fuel efficiency. While drop deck trailers are built similarly to flatbeds, they have a “gooseneck” that creates two levels on the deck and provides a lower center of gravity for heavy loads. If cost of the trailer overrides the payload factor, Doonan’s combo steel/aluminum trialer is a great option.

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