Is your team on top of fleet maintenance and compliance-mandated inspections? With trucking and transport services in higher demand than ever before, this is no time to be caught lagging. CVIP inspections should always be at the top of your priority list to ensure that your fleet is compliant, safe, and able to stay on the road when it matters most. At Kingpin Trailers, we know just how important it is to keep up with regulatory inspections, and are here to make sure that staying on track isn’t a headache. With locations in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg, our team has the knowledge and expertise you need to stay efficient, and compliant on the road. Learn more about the basics of CVIP inspections and why they matter below!

What Are CVIPS?

The Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP) has been implemented by the Provincial and Federal Governments as a standardized way of evaluating the road safety of trucks and trailers hauling throughout Alberta as well as the rest of Canada. CVIP inspections conduct a thorough examination of your entire vehicle, including high-risk features like lights, steering systems, brakes, tires, and more. For those used to hauling across North America, the CVIP program is comparable to DOT inspections, which, like CVIP, are required to be completed by a certified technician in order to be recognized as valid by the government.

Why Do They Matter?

Wondering why you need a CVIP inspection even if you have DOT certification? This is a fairly common point of confusion, especially among hauling companies that have multi-national headquarters, and whose fleet routinely goes between the US and Canada. Simply put, regardless of your certification and compliance with US regulatory standards, you must also demonstrate compliance with Canadian Transport standards, even if your hauling within the country is minimal. Without a valid CVIP inspection, you can find yourself facing hefty fines, having your truck or trailer removed off the road, and losing access to part of your fleet which leads to costly delays.

CVIP inspections are designed to keep everyone safe on the road and need to be considered a mandatory part of your annual and regular maintenance planning.

Finding the Right Inspector

As CVIP inspections are a standardized evaluation, you’ll need to ensure you partner with a registered technician/maintenance team to have your certification considered valid. Having another team run the same checks does not give you automatic compliance and can lead to major problems (as per above) if you don’t have proof of a valid inspection. Make sure the team you work with is qualified and always make sure you have the right stickers and paperwork in place while hauling to avoid headaches and shutdowns on the road.

CVIP Compliance and more at Kingpin Trailers

At Kingpin, we know that fleet maintenance and safety compliance are key to efficiency for haulers and transport companies across Canada. With several decades of experience behind our team, you can count on our technicians to conduct CVIP certified inspections thoroughly and accurately, and help keep your fleet on the road.

In addition to our CVIP inspections and routine maintenance evaluations, we also offer 24/7 mobile support, daily yard inspections, as well as pre and post-trip inspections for your convenience. With multiple locations across western Canada, the support you need is only a phone call away!

For more information on our inspection services, contact our team today.