Do you know the benefits of gooseneck trailers? As haulers, we all know the importance of fleet versatility, and there’s no better test than when it comes to dealing with heavy loads that most standard hauling units simply can’t accommodate. Gooseneck trailers are the heavyweights of heavy hauling and give your fleet advanced capacity that puts you ahead of the pack. Kingpin Trailers is proud to be one of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of hauling units, including a wide selection of removable gooseneck trailers from leading manufacturers like XL, and Doonan. With four locations spread across Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg, our team is always here to make sure you have access to the equipment you need when it matters most.

Below, we’ll cover some of the key benefits of using detachable goosenecks, as well as our current inventory. Read on to learn more!

Mechanical Vs Hydraulic: What to Expect

If you’ve been looking to expand your fleet in 2022, but are unsure what kind of gooseneck would be the best fit for your applications, Kingpin is here to help! Detachable goosenecks have become a staple for those hauling in the oil & gas, as well as the automotive, construction, and surrounding industries. Designed with a low profile that makes it easy to load and unload heavy cargo, as well as accommodate clearance needs, gooseneck trailers are able to carry loads up to 12ft tall with minimal hassle. Both mechanical and hydraulic goosenecks have an extremely well-balanced centre of gravity and can keep difficult loads stabilized easily. The main difference between both models is as follows:

Mechanical goosenecks are the lighter of the two options, which can be useful where fuel mileage is concerned, and are designed to connect to trailers quickly, even in adverse conditions. If you need your total load weight to stay under a certain amount to comply with specific requirements, or plan to haul equipment on the lighter end of the spectrum, you may find that mechanical goosenecks are a solid fit for your needs.

Hydraulic Detachable Goosenecks use a specialized hydraulic system to connect to your trailer, much like the name implies. The hydraulics do make these kinds of goosenecks heavier, meaning they will be less efficient, but the ease of being able to raise and lower your deck as needed allows for superior versatility with difficult loads. Hydraulic goosenecks can also accommodate a wide variety of extensions for loading and unloading, including beavertails and more.

Gooseneck Trailers At Kingpin

At Kingpin Trailers, we know how important it is to have access to the equipment and support you need with minimal delays. That’s why each of our locations routinely updates its inventory to stock the most in-demand products. At present, our current stock of gooseneck trailers includes:

Check back often to see our latest updates, or contact our team directly for specific model requests.

Here When It Matters Most

At Kingpin, we’re here to make finding and servicing the right equipment simple. With 24/7 maintenance and support available, including mobile repair, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back!

Learn more about our current inventory and services by contacting Kingpin today!