Debating expanding your fleet with a dump trailer? Incredibly versatile and reliable, dump trailers make it easy to load and unload loose materials safely, saving you time and money. If you’ve been eyeing different models and are having a hard time deciding between side and end dump trailers, below are a few highlights of side dump models to consider.

Convenient Hauling With Less Restrictions

While both side and end dump trailers have multiple benefits, end dump trailers can sometimes face the challenge of having bulky material bunch up at the back of the trailer, which can make things difficult to remove at the offload site. The natural tendency with an end dump is to end up with a top heavy unload situation which becomes very unsafe.  With side dump trailers this isn’t a concern, which in turn alleviates stability concerns and results in a smoother unload. Side dump trailers also eliminate the need to back up to dump sites, allowing drivers to navigate more confidently.

Greater Load Versatility

While end dump trailers are good for sand, aggregate, rocks and other loose material, they are not always suited to semi-liquids and other such materials like sludge, asphalt or animal waste that may be prone to leaking. End dump trailers are able to safely handle loads like sand and gravel, they need a tarp to prevent materials from blowing away while driving.

Fast Dump Cycles

Side dump trailers able to dump loads rapidly without compromising the stability and safety of the unit itself. Due to the angle that the trailer tips at (roughly 50°), all contents is easily dumped with little chance of damaging your tires or trailer in the process.

Stability You Can Count On

One of the most appealing aspects of using side dump trailers is their exceptional stability, regardless of the load you are carrying. In fact, compared to end dump units, side dump trailers tip so infrequently that insurance companies often charge lower premiums. This is particularly useful for applications like levy work where stability is a necessity and driving concern. Simply put, when adding a side dump trailer to your fleet, you can rest assured that both driver and load will be safe and go the distance with minimal issue.

Side Dump Trailers at Kingpin Trailers

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