Looking to transport oversized freight safely and efficiently? Need to expand your fleet to stay competitive on the market and win more bids? As one of the most versatile hauling options on the marketing, lowboys and removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers are a fantastic option for most commercial transporters. Below, we’ll explore some of the differences between lowboys and RGNS and highlight models available across Kingpin’s locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg. Read on to learn more!

Heavy-Duty Compatibility

When it comes to deciding between RGN trailers as well as lowboys, one of the most important aspects you need to consider is the load capacity best suited to the needs of your fleet. While RGNs can often support slightly more than standard lowboys (approximately 48,000lbs to 70,000), adding extra axles to a lowboy can quickly double this capacity while still affording you the benefits of a lower profile loading deck (hence the name). This means that you can safely transport heavy equipment that requires clearance considerations with relative ease. With double drop wells ranging in length from 24’ to 29.6’ lowboys are ideal for equipment like bulldozers, heavy equipment, and more.

RGN Perk: Front Ramp Loading

One of the most distinctive advantages for where removable gooseneck trailers are concerned is their ability to facilitate ramp loading from the front of the trailer. RGNs can be lowered to the ground to create a large ramp for vehicles or equipment to be driven right onto the trailer, eliminating the need for cranes or lifts and saving valuable time and money.  They are way safer than driving your equipment onto the trailer from a back beaver tail whereby the load has to travel over the trailer wheels.

Lowboy Features

Fixed neck lowboys do not have a removable gooseneck, but are often lighter weight compared to RGNs in order to allow for a higher load capacity. Loading is available from both the side and the back, and offloading can be relatively simple. As a staple in the Oil & Gas, Agriculture, and Construction and Paving Industries, lowboy trailers are a go-to when heavy equipment is needed on-site, especially across long distances.

Lowboy Trailers at Kingpin

Trail King Industries is North America’s top manufacturer of a complete lineup on trailers, including a diverse range of gooseneck and lowboy units. As a leading supplier of transport solutions across Western Canada, Kingpin is proud to routinely feature several of Trail King’s products in our inventory, and currently has the following in stock:

2019 Trail King TK102HG; 53′ Hydraulic Gooseneck, Tridem

2019 Trail King TK110HDG Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Trailer, Tri-Axle

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