Are you in need of reliable transport solutions that are designed to handle versatile loads with minimal difficulty and increased efficiency? Flat deck trailers are one of the most depended on methods of transport in the hauling industry and for good reason. Perfect for a wide range of applications and materials, flat deck trailers are well suited for hauling heavy loads across Canada and are a high performer where ROI is concerned.

As one of the nation’s leading suppliers of transport solutions, Kingpin is proud to maintain an active stock of flatbed and other trailers from the leading manufacturers in the industry including Hyundai, Trail King, Mac, Dorsey and more. Within our inventory, you’ll find flat deck trailers and more. Learn more about the benefits of flat deck trailers as well as our available stock below.

Flat Deck Trailer Applications

Flat deck trailers refer to a base design that consists of a solid deck made out of wood or aluminum. These beds (or decks, as they are interchangeably referred to as) are suitable for loads up to 48,000 lbs on tandem axles and up to 62,000 on triaxles. With the flatbed easily permitting the transport of taller and heavier items, flat deck trailers are preferred by haulers that need to move difficult loads such as machinery, construction materials, tools, vehicles, and other kinds of equipment. For those needing to stack freight, flat deck trailers make it easy to do so without compromising on stability or fuel-efficiency. With easy loading and unloading flatbed trailers make it simple to get going, no matter the size of your load.

Wide Range Of Options

Not only are flat deck trailers incredibly versatile in terms of their load capacity, but the trailers themselves are also available in several different styles to best meet your hauling needs. These styles include:

  • Standard flatbeds
  • Step-deck trailers with multiple deck levels
  • Removable gooseneck trailers (RGN), which allow the trailer’s front to be used as a ramp for heavy goods
  • Mini decks, intended for heavy loads while making standard bridge clearance possible
  • Lowboys

No matter what your hauling needs are, there’s a flat deck ready to help you make the journey safely and efficiently at Kingpin Trailers!

Flat Deck Trailers At

Kingpin is proud to be one of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of hauling and transport solutions across our locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. Each of our yards features a constantly updated roster of trailers, including flat decks and more. Our current inventory of flatbeds includes:

With regular updates to our stock, a trusted service department, and the ability to customize trailers as needed, Kingpin offers easy access to solutions for your transportation needs. Kingpin Trailers is an authorized dealer for Trail King, Hyundai, and Doonan, Mac, Dorsey and more, meaning you’ll always have the leading products you need ready for you. For the most up to date information about our available products as well as our available services, contact our team today.