Spring is here, and while western Canada enjoys the infamous freeze-thaw cycle that comes every year, the importance of staying on top of fleet maintenance is more evident than ever. Beyond taking care of obvious repairs and issues with your trucks, fleet maintenance is an essential asset to your business and helps to avoid costly fines, breakdowns and other headaches that can set you behind at the least convenient times. If you want to stay on top of the competition and keep your spot at the front of the pack, you need to prioritize fleet maintenance all year round.

At Kingpin Trailers, we’re proud to be a leading supplier of hauling solutions and to offer extensive maintenance options through each of our locations in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg. Below, we’ll discuss just a few of the many benefits of maintaining a regular maintenance and repair schedule for your fleet. Read on to learn more!

Why Prioritize Fleet Maintenance

The most obvious aspect of preventive fleet maintenance is tending to any known issues with your vans, trucks, or other hauling equipment, as well as any mandated repairs/inspections required by government standards. This would typically be considered a more reactive approach to maintenance, and while it will keep you on the road, the far more beneficial approach is to be as preventative as possible. Staying on top of maintenance and bringing things in early gives you the chance to catch minor issues before they have the opportunity to heighten, and ultimately extend the lifespan of your fleet in the process.

When you stay on top of fleet maintenance, you’ll not only reduce your overall repair costs (as well as the frequency of issues), you’ll also enjoy other benefits like lower mileage costs (tires at the proper inflations setting obtain better fuel mileage and last longer), avoiding compliance fines, and superior performance on the road!

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Fleet Maintenance and Trailer Supplies at Kingpin Trailers

Kingpin Trailers offers 24/7 mobile support, daily yard inspections, as well as pre and post-trip inspections and standard maintenance services to make sure you have everything you need to stay on top of fleet maintenance with as little hassle as possible. We know how important it is to have access to support when it matters most, and with decades of experience behind our team, you can count on our team to keep you on the road, and your trucks in top operating condition. Contact us today to learn more!