Considering adding on to your fleet and debating between gooseneck or bumper hitch trailers? While both units have multiple benefits to offer transporters, it’s important to consider the needs of both your fleet, as well as what you tend to haul when making your final decision. While bumper hitch trailers are typically a good option for companies that do minimal hauling or simply need to transport basic equipment to and from your site, gooseneck trailers are ideal as a full-scale larger hauling solution. Below, we’ll discuss some of the key aspects of both bumper hitch and gooseneck trailers, as well as highlight some of Kingpin’s available inventory of trailers. Read on to learn more!

Bumper Hitch Trailers: Entry To Hauling

Bumper hitch trailers are often used for a variety of both personal and commercial hauling applications. As a smaller and typically more lightweight option, bumper trailers can easily be attached via a ball hitch, and navigated by less experienced haulers. If you’re looking for something suitable for short-distance transport, doesn’t require a large truck to haul, and that falls into a relatively cheap price point, these kinds of trailers may be ideal, but only for loads typically under around 10,000 – 20,000lbs.

Gooseneck Trailers: Reliable and Versatile

As one of the most relied upon options in the professional hauling industry, gooseneck trailers are well known for being suited to a wide variety of applications ranging from small loads to heavy-duty transport. Available in both mechanical and hydraulic models, goosenecks make hauling loads across long distances easy and safe, and are much better suited to commercial and agricultural applications, especially where large scale equipment is concerned and more.

Gooseneck trailers are also remarkably stable, have a tighter turn radius, and offer ample room, meaning you can haul more with each trip, swing time and money. Ultimately, it is the ability to transport bigger loads safely and efficiently that make goosenecks preferable for commercial haulers, with many major manufacturers like Trail King featuring them as a main part of their lineup.

Trail King Gooseneck Trailers At Kingpin Trailers

As one of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of hauling and transport solutions, Kingpin Trailers is proud to feature Trail King products among our inventory. With locations across Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver, finding the solutions, including full-scale maintenance and repair is easy. At present, Kingpin’s inventory includes the following gooseneck trailer models:

2019 Trail King TK102HG; 53′ Hydraulic Gooseneck, Tridem

2019 Trail King TK110HDG Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Trailer, Tri-Axle

Learn more about our latest inventory options by contacting our team directly today!