In need of lightweight, durable hauling solutions you can trust? MAC trailers are here to save the day!

At Kingpin Trailers, we understand just how important it is for those in the hauling and trucking industry to have access to quality products that are made to stand the test of time. As a leading supplier of transportation trailers throughout Western Canada, we take pride in partnering with the leading producers in the field to ensure our clients always have access to quality trailers across our locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

Among our inventory, you’ll find hauling products from well-known brands like MAC. As an authorized distributor, Kingpin’s team is proud to have exceptional knowledge of MAC’s line of products, which includes pneumatic trailers, flatbeds, and plenty more. Below, we’ll highlight just a few reasons MAC has earned their reputation for excellence, and why you should consider adding one of their trailers to your fleet the next time you expand. Read on to learn more!

Lightweight, But Made To Take a Beating

It’s no secret that, over their nearly 30-year tenure in the industry, MAC has built a reputation for exceptional products. As North America’s leading producer of aluminum flatbeds, part of MAC’s success can be attributed to their notoriously lightweight and durable design that allows for better fuel economy without sacrificing load capacity. The structural integrity and quality of the trailer means that you can confidently haul loads across long-distances, time after time without worrying about sudden failures, premature wear and tear, along with the many other issues that plague other manufacturers. It’s no surprise that MAC trailers are constantly in high demand all of North America, and Canada is no exception! MAC’s line up includes:


Mac Trailers is the top manufacturer of aluminum flatbed trailers across North America. To prevent corrosion and rust, each flatbed upper coupler is hot-dipped and galvanized and backed by Mac’s trusty five-year warranty. Standard models carried by Kingpin include wide load lights, dunnage racks, as well as toolboxes, load ramps, and have plenty of options available for custom outfits upon request.

Pneumatic Trailers

Mac’s pneumatic trailers are able to carry heavy loads while still maintaining superior fuel economy, quick unloading times, and easy maintenance.

Transfer Floor Trailers

A showcase among Mac’s lineup, transfer floor trailers have become a heavily relied upon resource among clients spanning a wide range of industries. Designed to handle the demands and conditions associated with the loading and unloading high volumes and bulk materials, Mac ensures that their trailers are built to see you on the road.

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