Your fleet faces numerous challenges while out on the road, from dirt and grime, stringent safety standards and regulations to inclement weather conditions and more. Due to the mobile nature of trailers, over time, the constant vibration from the road, and the various conditions your trailers navigate through, wear and tear will occur. That’s why staying on top of trailer inspections, maintenance, and repair is vital for your Edmonton business. At Kingpin Trailers our team understands the difficulties your fleet faces. Our licensed technicians are capable of tackling a range of maintenance, repair, and inspection issues. Below, we’ll discuss the importance of preventative maintenance and some advice for maintaining a smooth sailing fleet. Continue reading to learn more!

Prevent Major Repairs with Regular Maintenance

It should be no surprise that one of the best ways to prevent significant damage and repairs is to do regular maintenance. Just like how it’s crucial to stay on top of CVIP certifications, regular quality maintenance and inspections are vital. To guarantee your trailers stay road-safe and work for you, you should have a clearly defined maintenance schedule. That way you can catch any potential problems before they grow into costly significant issues. Fleet managers should take a predictive approach based on data from regular inspections to determine when a trailer should be repaired or retired from service. Partnering with an authorized distributor and shop like Kingpin Trailers can make it easy to stay on top of your trailers’ maintenance. Our team of certified technicians can inspect, maintain and repair your trailer; that way, your fleet can continue safely operating. Below is a list of ways you can assist your trailer maintenance schedule:

Regularly Inspect Vital Components

It’s essential to perform regular inspections on your trailer components that are susceptible to wear and tear from daily operations. Inspecting large and small parts, especially ones that are electrical or must withstand extended periods of vibration, is vital to ensuring your trailers remain in good working order. Regular inspections are a preventative measure that can reduce the likelihood of significant damage, repairs, and downtime.

Keep Your Trailer Clean

Taking the time to wash and clean the grime, salt, mud, and bugs off of your trailer can help it look good and continue to perform at its best. Salt and dirt can especially cause wear and tear to vital components of your trailer. So taking the time to wash your trailer can ensure additional wear and corrosion do not occur. Cleaning solutions and detergents can make the cleaning process easy. However, be wary of any corrosive products and high-pressure sprayers as they may cause damage to your trailer’s finish or paint.

Keep Moving Parts Lubricated

Every component on your trailer that moves creates friction. Over time if friction and heat are not reduced, those moving components will break down. Using a high-quality lubricant to prevent your trailer parts from breaking down is vital. Components like wheel bearings to door hinges all benefit from regular lubrication. It’s best to check your trailer’s user manual as it should specify which types of lubricants are best for particular parts of your trailer.

Dependable Trailer Solutions and Repairs

Kingpin Trailers understands how important it is to have access to the trailer support you need, especially in an emergency. That’s why we offer 24/7 mobile support, pre and post-trip inspections, maintenance services, and more! Your Edmonton business can continue operating without a hitch by keeping your fleet running smoothly and on the road. Let the experts at Kingpin Trailers assist you in maintaining your operations. Our team of highly-trained and experienced technicians is here to help; contact us today to learn more about our maintenance and repair services!