Kingpin Trailers is Western Canada’s leading supplier of top hauling and transportation solutions, including products from manufacturers like Mac Trailers and more. With multiple locations throughout the region in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg, Kingpin boasts a diverse inventory of products, making it easy to find the trailers you need. Learn more about one of our top-selling manufacturers, Mac Trailers, below.

Where A Heavyweight Reputation Meets Lightweight Designs

Since 1992, Mac Trailers has been known as one of North America’s leading builders of aluminum flatbed trailers. One of the major elements that sets Mac trailers apart from competitors is their lightweight aluminum frame. Built to handle tough loads while still maintaining a fuel-efficient lightness, Mac trailers are ideal for long distance hauling, as well as for investors looking to purchase products that will last for a considerable period of time.

With a dedication to quality manufacturing and service, Mac’s network of authorized distributors and service teams is chosen with the utmost of discretion. All dealers complete a rigorous application process to ensure that they offer the same commitment to service, as well as superior product and industry knowledge; Kingpin is proud to be a partner with Mac Trailers as an authorized dealer, and carries several of their trailers, including:


Mac Trailers is the go to source for aluminum flatbed trailers across the continent. Each of their flatbed upper couplers are hot-dipped and galvanized to prevent premature corrosion and rust, and Mac’s trusty five-year warranty ensures you are covered in case of any unexpected product mishaps. Standard models carried by Kingpin Trailers include wide load lights, dunnage racks, as well as toolkits, and have plenty of options available for custom outfits upon request.

Pneumatic Trailers

Mac produces the lightest models of pneumatic trailers capable of hauling the heaviest loads. Mac models incorporate state of the art design and components that allow for superior fuel economy, quick unloading times, and easy maintenance.

Transfer Floor Trailers

Mac’s transfer floor trailers have quickly become an industry favourite. With a deep understanding of the demands and conditions associated with loading and unloading high volumes and bulk materials, Mac ensures that their trailers are built to excel, no matter the case.

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