No hauling or transportation industry fleet is complete without a flat deck trailer. These trailers are popular for their versatility and large load capacities, allowing fleets the flexibility they need to get the job done. At Kingpin Trailers, we offer a range of flat deck trailers in addition to our full-service shop. That way, your fleet can receive the products and services you need to keep your operation running smoothly. Below are a few benefits of adding a flat deck trailer to your fleet. Keep reading to learn more about Kingpin Trailers’ flat deck trailers and service shop.

The Perks of Flat Decks

Flat deck or flatbed/step deck trailers are incredibly versatile for anyone who needs hauling equipment, especially fleets. From their generous load space to low maintenance requirements, flat deck trailers can manage versatile loads and applications. If you’re looking for an additional trailer to round out your fleet’s equipment, a flat deck trailer from Kingpin Trailers in Edmonton. Alberta is a great choice. Most flat deck trailers have a load capacity between 48,000 to 68,000 lbs, depending on the trailer axles and configuration. That capacity range makes these trailers one of the preferred trailers of the transportation industry, as they can easily manage oversized goods and equipment. If you’re looking for assistance determining the best type of flat deck trailer for your fleet or application, our team at Kingpin Trailers is here to help!

Various Models for Every Application

As previously mentioned, flat deck trailers are particularly popular because of the versatility they offer the transportation industry. Part of why flat decks are so versatile is because they come in various sizes and models to suit your particular needs. Below are a few models Kingpin Trailers offers:

  • Step Deck Trailers and RGNs (Removable Gooseneck Trailers)
  • Standard Flatbeds
  • Mini Flat Decks
  • Lowboys, and so much more!

While every flat deck trailer model will offer its own particular benefits and ability for add-on features, overall flat decks are an excellent option for anyone in the transportation industry. At Kingpin Trailers, we offer a range of units from 48 to 53 ft long with various loading capacities. In addition, we are also able to customize your trailers. So if you’re looking for a versatile trailer that can meet your shipping and hauling needs, a flat deck trailer from Kingpin Trailers will surely rise to the challenge.

Trailers at Kingpin

Kingpin Trailers in Edmonton, Alberta, is an authorized dealer of Hyundai Translead, XL Specialised Trailers, and Doonan Specialized Trailers. Our team is proud to provide fleets across Western Canada with the semi-trailers they need from industry-leading brands they can trust. With years of experience, a full-service trailer shop, parts vendor, and customization options, Kingpin Trailers is your one-stop shop for all things trailers! As Western Canada’s premier authorized trailer dealer and full-service shop, our team looks forward to helping you find the perfect flat deck trailer for your fleet. Contact us today to learn more about our flat deck trailer inventory options!