Are you in need of repair and maintenance solutions you can trust? At Kingpin Trailers, we’re proud to be one of Western Canada’s leading supplier of hauling equipment from industry leaders like Mac and Hyundai, as well as a certified service provider for all your repair and maintenance needs, with decades of experience behind our team, we know just how important it is to have access to the help you need when it matters most. With 24/7 mobile service available 365 days a year, a qualified inspection team readily available to help with CVIP evaluations and more, you can always count on Kingpin to have your back. Learn more about the benefits of routine maintenance and our mobile support technicians below!

Why Routine Maintenance Matters

Whether you’re new to the industry or have multiple decades of experience to your name, there’s no denying the importance that routine maintenance plays in ensuring your fleet is ready to hit the road. From ensuring you’re always ready to take the next job that comes into keeping your driver and everyone else on the road safe, there are multiple benefits to staying on track with a dedicated maintenance cycle. These perks include:

Enhanced Efficiency

Better equipment runs…better. Though it may seem like an oversimplification, plenty of haulers let their trucks and trailers go far too long between check-ins, leading to costly delays when the inevitable happens. By staying up to date, you’ll save yourself time and money and ensure that your crew is ready to hit the road with minimal complications.


Maintenance isn’t just about protecting your trailer, it’s about ensuring your drivers and everyone on the road is safe. Routine checks act as a safeguard and catch little details that can quickly become massive hazards before tragedy has time to strike. Simply put, never settle for guesswork and always trust your service provider to uphold the highest of standards for everyone’s benefit.


Canada has multiple guidelines and regulations for those on the road, many of which require certification from qualified mechanics to verify that your fleet is roadside. Failure to display compliance can lead to costly fines, or worse, put your entire business at risk.

Mobile Service at Kingpin

Kingpin Trailers is happy to offer our customers 24/7 mobile service, 365 days of the year, to help keep you up and running. We know that the unexpected rarely happens when you’re close to home, or when it’s convenient, so our experienced team of mechanics are on standby to assist with mechanical failures and part replacements when it matters most. Kingpin mechanics come prepared with onboard welding equipment, tools, lights and a vast selection of standard parts.

If you need to go the distance, our team is here to help. Contact us now to find out more!