Spring is here, which means that many transport and hauling companies are gearing up for their annual CVIP inspections. Designed to ensure fleets are up to all regulations, these inspections play a key role in ensuring that all commercial vehicles on Canada’s roads are safe and capable of performing their functions as intended. Kingpin Trailers is proud to offer comprehensive inspection and repair standards, including CVIP inspections, ABS diagnostic and repairs, air systems & brake maintenance, and more. Below, we’ll highlight some of the need-to-know basics of CVIP inspections. Read on to learn more.

What are CVIP inspections?

As we mentioned above, the primary concern of the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP) is ensuring that all commercial vehicles on Canadian highways are properly maintained and safe. A CVIP is a detailed evaluation of the overall status of the vehicle, included an examination of the lights, steering systems, brakes, tires, and more. CVIP inspections are comparable to the Federal Annual DOT inspections in the US and must be completed by a certified technician in order to be considered valid by government officials.

How Often Do CVIPS Need to Be Performed?

In Alberta, CVIPS must be performed annually on trucks weighing up to 11,794 lbs, and semi-annually on buses carrying more than 10 passengers. It’s worth noting that while these are the required standards for vehicle evaluation, for best practice’s sake, we recommend conducting routine maintenance and checkups every 3 months, as well as after any major job that may cause additional wear and tear on your vehicles. Doing so will not only keep your fleet but also your fellow drivers on the road, safe.

Do I Really Need One?

In a word, yes. Regardless of if your fleet currently meets USDOT standards, if you plan on traveling to and throughout Canada at any point, you will need to have the stickers to verify that you are in compliance with CVIP mandates. Otherwise, you may find yourself suspect to roadside inspections and potentially even fines as a result.

How Much Do CVIPS Cost?

CVIPS will vary slightly from provider to provider, but on average you can expect to spend somewhere between $100 to $200.

CVIP Compliance and more at Kingpin Trailers

At Kingpin, we know that fleet maintenance and safety compliance are key to efficiency for haulers and transport companies across Canada. With several decades of experience behind our team, you can count on our technicians to conduct CVIP inspections quickly, accurately, and help keep your fleet on the road. For more information on our inspection services, contact our team today!