Need valuable solutions to help you hit the road and keep your transport fleet moving? Kingpin Trailers is Western Canada’s leading source for trailers from the top brands in the business. With offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, our team is always accessible and carries the products you need to stay mobile all year round. Learn more about our team, including the brands we carry, below!

Dedicated To Excellence

At Kingpin, we know that the hauling business is competitive and fast-paced. Having a fleet that you can depend on not only ensures that you’re able to stay on track with current demand but also expands your ability to handle jobs of any size down the line. That’s why we choose to partner with the most trusted names in the industry to guarantee you’ll always have access to the top trailers on the market. In addition, Kingpin offers a wide range of repair and maintenance services ranging from everyday maintenance to 24/7 emergency mobile service across Western Canada. Simply put, when you purchase with Kingpin, you can rest easy knowing you have quality solutions at your fingertips, as well as an exceptionally skilled repair team that makes it easy to overcome any challenges you may encounter in the future due to wear and tear or other such issues.

The Best Brands At Your Finger Tips

When it comes to sourcing quality trailers, not all brands are created equal. As industry veterans will know, certain names carry a heavy-weight of respect amongst haulers, and for good reason. At Kingpin, we are proud to feature many of these brands within our inventory including MAC, Hyundai, and Trail King. Known for unbeatable performance in their perspective fields, these leading manufacturers produce some of the most in-demand equipment for hauling and transport companies worldwide. Below are just a few of the reasons we choose to partner with the brands that we do:

MAC Trailers

Mac is known for the longevity of its products, as well as the unique aluminum frame that creates a much lighter trailer that is as durable as it is fuel-efficient. With the ability to haul heavy loads at reduced weight compared to other trailers, MAC has many benefits for transport specialists to explore.


Hyundai is North America’s number one manufacturer of semi-trailers in North America volume-wise and is the industry leader for dry and refrigerated semi-trailers, converter dollies, container container chassis. Known for exceptional quality and high endurance, these trailers are meant to go the distance!

Trail King

For over 40 years, Trail King has offered a complete line of open deck and materials hauling trailers for those in the agriculture, transportation and specialized hauling markets. With a diverse load capacity threshold ranging from 12,000 to 1,000,000 lbs, Trail King’s lineup is dependable and engineered to provide exceptional performance.

Always Updating

Kingpin’s stock of trailers is routinely updating to reflect the needs of our customers as well as the shifting market. For the most current information regarding our inventory Canada wide, contact our team today!