​Dump trailers are one of the most relied upon methods for hauling construction, roadway, and landscaping materials. From sand and gravel to lumber and scrap metal, dump trailers are incredibly versatile and built for heavy duty use. Kingpin Trailers is proud to supply a wide range of solutions from industry leaders like MAC Trailer for all your hauling and transport needs. Learn more about Kingpin, as well as MAC’s dump trailers below.

About Kingpin

Kingpin trailers is one of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of top hauling and transport solutions. With locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg, our team remains dedicated to ensuring our customers always have access to the products they need with minimal delay.

About MAC Trailers

As one of the biggest names in the hauling and transport industry, MAC’s reputation for quality and performance is well deserved. The unique aluminum framing of their fleet options means that MAC’s models are often some fo the lightest option available, without compromising on weight load. MAC’s trailers combine groundbreaking design and assembly to guarantee superior fuel economy, ergonomic controls, easy unload, and hassle-free maintenance to provide unparalleled performance. MAC offers a leading warranty for customers, alongside a wide network of authorized service providers across North America.

MAC Dump Trailers

As with all MAC trailers, MAC’s dump trailers are amongst the lightest on the market, often allowing drivers to get an extra 3-4000 lbs. per load. The high abrasive resistant interior lasts for 5-10 years without wear and tear, making models strong, sturdy, and built to last.

MAC’s range of dump trailers come in a variety of options for multiple payloads. From tandem to tri-axels, Mac has you covered.

Additional Manufacturers At Kingpin

As your first choice supplier for hauling and transport, Kingpin carries multiple options for our customers. We proudly offer dump trailer options from other leading suppliers like Trail King, which offer exceptional performance and longevity.

To view our current inventory, please check here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Kingpin’s stock is always updating to meet the demands of our customers. Custom orders are available as needed. Please contact our team today for more information.