Are you considering investing in a Gooseneck trailer for your hauling fleet but need clarification on which trailer fits your application? It’s vital to source your trailer from an industry-leading supplier like Kingpin Trailers. We understand the key factors like industry application, brand reputation, quality, price and model.

Kingpin Trailers is Western Canada’s premier hauling and transportation solutions supplier. At Kingpin, we are proudly committed to sourcing the highest quality hauling trailers and supplies on the market. The best gooseneck trailers are easy to use, reliable and time savers, which is why Kingpin stocks the goosenecks from XL Specialized Trailers.

Continue reading to learn why the XL Specialized Gooseneck trailer is the heavy hauling solution your fleet deserves!

XL Specialized Trailers

For almost 30 years, XL Specialized Trailers has been building innovative, reliable, high-quality trailers. The XL brand is well known for designing and manufacturing innovative products with custom engineering, reliable customer service, and excellent resale value. XL is in tune with the hauling industry’s changing needs, especially when hauling heavier, taller, and wider loads in increasingly challenging areas. XL specializes in custom made trailers large oversized loads, so matter what you are looking for we have the answer for your needs

XL Trailers offers the best warranty available in the heavy haul industry. All XL trailers come with a 5-3-1 warrantycovering five years for the structure and frame, three years for the paint, and one year for the remaining parts and components.

Purchasing an XL gooseneck trailer is an expensive investment that will pay off by remaining reliable on the road for years to come— that’s a Kingpin promise.

Versatility, Reliability & Stability

In the transportation and hauling industry, gooseneck trailers are well-known as versatile fleet equipment best suited for the reliable hauling of heavy loads across long distances. Drivers can haul heavy cargo without concern because goosenecks have a tight turning radius and remarkable stability and are ideal for navigating tricky loading zones.

Because of their stability and versatility, goosenecks are the preferred trailers in commercial and agricultural applications. The detachable gooseneck trailers are frequently used in oil & gas, automotive, construction and surrounding industries.

Notable Features

  • Easy loading from the front of the main deck
  • 45-degree rear transition with traction aids allows small equipment to be loaded easily onto the rear deck
  • Versatile hauling capabilities with manual ride height control and a 10-foot full-width hauling space
  • Main deck with 29 feet of loading space on a 53-foot-long trailer customizable to your needs
  • User-friendly features like multiple tie-down options on the main deck and gooseneck
  • Toolbox at the base of the gooseneck with a chain rack and light

Gooseneck Trailers from Kingpin Trailers

The Kingpin Trailers’ Edmonton location stocks the Mechanical Gooseneck Trailers from XL Specialized Trailers. The mechanical goosenecks are lighter than hydraulics, which saves money on fuel mileage in the long run. XL’s innovative design allows quick trailer connection in even the most adverse conditions, saving your business time and money.

Our inventory of trailers is constantly changing to suit our customers’ needs better. With locations across Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Vancouver, Kingpin’s team will assist you in finding exactly what you need.

Here When It Matters Most

Kingpin Trailers offers customers 24/7 maintenance and support, including roadside mobile repairs and a fully stocked parts warehouse. Kingpin is the number one choice for all hauling solutions for the Western Canadian trucking industry.

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