In the winter, staying on top of your fleet maintenance and compliance-mandated inspections is essential. Considering Canada’s record-breaking cold temperatures this winter, bringing your fleet in for a proper CVIP inspection is more important than ever.

Kingpin Trailers is a CVIP-certified inspector; our team is well-equipped with the expertise and knowledge to keep your fleet safe, efficient and road-compliant.

Continue reading to learn more about the CVIP basics and how Kingpin Trailers are the experts you can trust.

Why Are CVIPs Important?

The Canadian Provincial and Federal Governments implemented the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP), a standardized road safety evaluation for trucks and trailers hauling goods throughout Alberta and Canada. CVIP inspections require annual maintenance and re-certifications to keep everyone safe on the road.

When conducting a CVIP inspection, Kingpin Trailers’ expert technicians will thoroughly examine the entire vehicle. We pay special attention to high-risk features like the brakes, steering system, tires, and lights to ensure everything meets CVIP standards. This process includes checking that suspension axles are properly lubricated and moisture-free, the air system is moisture-free, and the wheel bearings meet the CVIP standard.

Why Choose Kingpin Trailers?

At Kingpin Trailers, we understand how important regular fleet maintenance and safety compliance inspections are to run a successful fleet. We follow the Alberta CVIP manual and ensure that every part of the protocol is followed so your trailer leaves our shop certified and road-safe with the corresponding documents and stickers to prove it.

Servicing your fleet with Kingpin Trailers is the best choice for our CVIP-certified technicians and the fully stocked trailer parts warehouse in Edmonton. If an issue arises during maintenance on your vehicle, we likely have the part on hand needed to fix it, and if it isn’t in stock, we can order it same-day with the fastest delivery in Western Canada.

Get CVIP Certified with Kingpin Trailers

With several decades of experience in servicing the hauling and transportation industry, Kingpin Trailers is committed to providing our customers with accurate, efficient, and convenient services.

In addition to CVIP inspections and routine maintenance services, Kingpin offers 24/7 mobile road support when you can’t make it to the shop in time. Our mobile repair services are available in Edmonton and 150 miles outside city limits.

Kingpin Trailers’ Edmonton parts warehouse is fully stocked with all three of our OEMs, and our team is ready to assist you anytime. For more information on CVIP inspections or ordering replacement parts, contact Kingpin Trailers today.