Pneumatic dry bulk trailers are extremely reliable when it comes to hauling dry materials like sand, cement, fly ash and more. Highly efficient and self-contained, these trailers make long distance hauling safe, efficient, and convenient. Learn more about pneumatic trailers as well as Kingpin’s current inventory below.

Built To Withstand The Toughest Environments

With sturdy frames crafted from galvanized aluminum, dry bulk trailers are designed to stand up to rust and a variety of weather conditions, even the challenges posed by the Canadian climate. Trailers feature an easily accessible front ladder that makes loading simple and safe, and include a comprehensive 5 year warranty of HXL5 wheel end bearings for added peace of mind.

MAC Dry Bulk Pneumatic Trailers

MAC Trailers is one of the biggest names in the trucking industry, and for good reason. With superior design and a fleet built to perform under tough conditions, MAC trailers aerodynamic and lightweight models allow for superior fuel economy and less snow build up in the colder months. With decades of reliability on their side, MAC is a preferred name among haulers worldwide.

Current Inventory

Kingpin is proud to be an authorized distributor of MAC products, including their range of dry bulk trailers. We carry several models across our locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. As our inventory is always rotating, contact our team directly for the most up to date information. At this time, our dry bulk trailer inventory features:

2019 MAC 40′ Dry Bulk Pneumatic Tank, Tridem 1350

This brand new 2019 model features 3 axels and a trailer length of 40’ with a width of 102”. Suitable for heavy duty loads, this lightweight trailer provides optimal fuel efficiency and performance.

2019 MAC 40′ Dry Bulk Pneumatic Tank, Tridem 1250

Similar to the the Tridem 1350, the Tridem 1250 offers superior performance and fuel efficiency. Specs include:

Axles: 3

Trailer Length: 40′

Trailer Width: 102″

Stock Number: MT000019; MT000029-MT000031; MT000033; MT000056

Item Price: $109,800.00 CAD

For more information on dry bulk trailers, contact our team today.