When it comes to the safe hauling of frac sand, fly ash, cement, concrete and dried food products, pneumatic trailers are a valuable addition to any service fleet. Designed to facilitate easy transport across long distances with enhanced payload capabilities and fuel efficiency, MAC’s range for pneumatic trailers offer some of the best solutions the industry has to offer. Learn more about the benefits of hauling with pneumatic trailers below.

Durable, Dependable, Convenient

Pneumatic dry bulk trailers are vacuumed sealed, providing an airtight seal within the enclosed cabin of the trailer. Their sturdy design, combined with increased load capacity and lightweight frame allows for expedited hauling of dried goods, building materials, chemical products and more. The main advantages of choosing a pneumatic trailer for transport include:

  • Ease of loading and unloading
  • Protection offered by vacuum sealing contents within the container (less chance of contamination or damage by outside factors)
  • Capacities ranging from roughly 560-3120 cubic feet
  • Cargo versatility; pneumatic trailers can be used to haul everything from cement and lime to flour, sugar, industrial alcohol, liquid chemicals and more.

MAC Pneumatic Trailers

As one of the leading names and top sellers of trailers across North America, MAC’s reputation for excellence extends to their line of pneumatic dry bulk trailers. Crafted from hot dipped galvanized steel and aluminum, MAC’s trailers are the lightest models available on the market, while still maintaining the ability to haul heavy duty loads. Each of MAC’s trailers incorporates state of the art design and components that allow for efficient loading/unloading, fuel economy, and more. With an industry leading warranty and a broad network of authorized service providers throughout North America MAC’s trailers stand tall among the crowd.

MAC Trailers at Kingpin

Kingpin Trailers routinely stocks a healthy supply of MAC trailers across each of our locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. Our models are often on the move, so to stay on top of currently available stock, we advise contacting our team directly. At present, we have the 2019 MAC 40′ Dry Bulk Pneumatic Tank, Tridem 1350 and 2019 MAC 40′ Dry Bulk Pneumatic Tank, Tridem 1250 trailers available for purchase.

Learn more about Mac pneumatic trailers by contacting us now.