As a leading supplier of quality hauling and transportation for clients spanning Western Canada, Kingpin Trailers carries a wide range of products from some of the top names in the industry, including Trail King trailers. Founded in 1974, Trail King has become one of the foremost producers in the hauling field. With a reputation for high quality products and reputable distributors across nationwide, Kingpin is pleased to feature Trail King in our inventory. Learn more about the advantages of these trailers, as well as our currently available models below.

Built To Handle Heavy Loads

With over 45 years in the industry, Trail King has built a name producing hauling solutions capable of tackling heavy loads and long distances. With trailer capacities ranging from 12,000 lbs up to 1,000,000, Trail King has become a go-to source for heavy duty hauling needs, particularly for those in the construction, agriculture, transportation, waste and recycling, and specialized hauling markets. Trail King’s trailer lineup is built to withstand the demands of tough loads, surprisingly lightweight, and backed by a comprehensive warranty you can trust.

Trail King Sliding Axle Trailers

Tough and dependable, Trail King sliding axle trailers are an ideal solution for haulers needing to transport bulky, oversized, or demanding cargo. Capable of withstanding loads up to 80,000 pounds, these trailers feature a low load angle, greater payload capacity and stability, as well as enhanced corrosion protection, smooth operation, and more. Standard features include:

  • Winches
  • Hydraulic Valve Controls
  • Winch Roller And Skid Plate
  • Front access panel with easy access for connecting hydraulic, air, and electrical lines
  • Lockable side access toolbox
  • Perimeter Frame design.

Current Inventory

Kingpin’s inventory is constantly updating to reflect the demands of our clients. With locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, finding the right solutions for your hauling needs is simple and efficient. We currently feature the following sliding axle trailers in our inventory:

2019 Trail King TK110SA Advantage Plus! Sliding Axle Trailer

Learn more about this model as well as our most up to date availability by contacting our team now.