It can be challenging to stay on top of regular fleet maintenance and repairs, especially if you own or operate a large fleet of vehicles. However, by maintaining a regular inspection and maintenance routine, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of a vehicle breaking down or being temporarily put out of service. At Kingpin Trailers our team of experienced technicians can assist you in maintaining and repairing your fleet. When it comes to repairs and maintenance, our belief is simple: keep your fleet running smoothly and on the road, and your business will continue to grow. Below, we’ll discuss why regular fleet maintenance is essential, and some of the services Kingpin Trailers offers. Continue reading to learn more!

Regular Maintenance = More Time on the Road

Whether you own a trucking company, delivery service, construction company, or another business, if you find that a vehicle in your fleet is unexpectedly down for repairs, your ability to provide high-quality services to your customers is hindered. However, by maintaining your fleet in top-notch condition and doing regular maintenance and inspections, you can reduce the chances of sudden repairs and downtime.

You should be aware of a few services for preventive measures that can keep your fleet driving down the road. Regular oil changes, tire rotations and inspections, and safety checks are just a few you should routinely be checking. Routine oil changes are vital to the longevity of your vehicle’s engine. As oil ages and become more viscous, it impedes performing its primary function, lubrication and drawing heat away. Like routine oil changes, your fleet’s tires require close monitoring as low tire pressure can reduce a vehicle’s speed and affect the driver’s ability to maneuver safely. In addition, low tire tread during our cold Canadian winters can drastically reduce your driver’s ability to slow down or stop. By maintaining a regular maintenance schedule and inspection routine for your fleet, you protect your business, your drivers, and other commuters on the road and ensure your customers get the results they expect.

Keeping a regular maintenance schedule can be challenging to manage on top of running a business. Instead, let the technicians at Kingpin Trailers tackle the challenging work of keeping your fleet on the road. Our licensed experts can assist you with a range of services, including fleet maintenance, ABS diagnostics, and more.

Licensed Experts, You Can Trust

If you’re looking for trailer support to keep your fleet on the road all year round, then Kingpin Trailers is your trusted solution. As Western Canada’s premier provider of trailers and top-notch certified service, Kingpin Trailers makes maintaining your fleet easy. Across each of our locations, Kingpin’s team of experienced technicians can repair your fleet and ensure your CVIP is up to date. We even offer 24/7 mobile emergency repair services, so our team will come to you if you can’t get to us! At Kingpin Trailers, we know how vital it is to maintain your fleet and access the support you need. Our team looks forward to assisting you by providing outstanding services, competitive pricing, and professional workmanship.

Western Canada’s Choice for Semi-Trailer Solutions

Kingpin Trailers is proud to offer fleets across Western Canada a wide range of repair services. From bodywork to ABS diagnosis and repairs, trailer modifications, insurance repairs, and more, Kingpin Trailers is your trusted source for trailers and fleet maintenance and repairs. If you’re looking to get your Edmonton fleet inspected for the season or are looking for a new trailer, our team of experts is here to help. To learn more about our range of services, contact Kingpin Trailers today!