Tough, versatile, made to last. If you’re looking for a hauling solution that gives you unbeatable ROI and the ability to transport goods throughout North America with ease, step deck trailers have you covered. As one of Western Canada’s leading providers of transport trailers, Kingpin Trailers is proud to offer clients in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, access to the top products in the industry, including a wide variety of flat and step deck trailers by MAC. Learn more about the benefits of step deck trailers below!

What Are Step Deck Trailers?

Step-deck trailers are a form of flat deck trailers that have no sides, no roof, and nor doors with the primary feature being its long cargo deck that includes two deck levels. The higher front area is certainly used for all types of cargo, while the main lower level provides ample extra space for hauling larger products or transporting more inventory in a single load.


While flatbed trailers offer plenty of perks for hauling, step deck trailers have additional benefits for haulers. These benefits include height compatibility, easier loading, and heavier load capacity.

First, the step deck design of the trailer allows for taller cargo to be shipped with ease, as the lower level of the trailer grants extra clearance space and allows you to stay within height restrictions.

Where loading is concerned, step decks are lower to the ground which makes them more easily accessible for loading by forklift and drivers, and reduces the risk of safety incidents both during loading and unloading,

Finally, the design of step deck trailers makes it easy and safe to transport heavy cargo that would otherwise pose a risk to other kinds of equipment. Tried trailers can haul up to 62,000 lb, allowing you to transport machinery to and from sites with minimal headaches and little danger to your equipment.

Step Deck Trailers At Kingpin Trailers

Kingpin is proud to be one of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of hauling and transport solutions across the region. Our yards features a constantly updated roster of trailers, including flat decks and more. Our current inventory of step deck units includes:

With regular updates to our stock, a trusted service department, and the ability to customize trailers as needed, Kingpin offers easy access to solutions for your transportation needs. Kingpin Trailers is an authorized dealer for Trail King, Hyundai, and Doonan, Mac, Dorsey and more, meaning you’ll always have the leading products you need ready for you. For the most up to date information about our available products as well as our available services, contact our team today.