Does your hauling and dumping operation require precision and control when it comes to offloading materials? Occasionally overlooked, side dump trailers offer a wide range of benefits to haulers. Learn more about these trailers, as well as Kingpin’s available inventory below.

Precise, Stable, Reliable

For industries that require hauling fleet with dumping capabilities, there are typical three to four different options available: end dumps, bottom dumps, side dumps and pups and transfers. Each style of trailer has a unique set of benefits, and is usually suited to specific loads and applications. End dumps, for example, allow you to carry larger loads than a standard dump truck and offer rapid unloading. Bottom dumps make even spreading of materials in a windrow simple, where pup trailers are self unloading and can maximize payload capacities.

Trail King Side Dumps

While each of these of these features can be extremely beneficial depending on your needs, an often neglected option are side dump trailers. Versatile and easy to operate, side dump trailers are ideal for the transport and distribution of gravel and aggregates for construction, road building, landscaping, and more. Dump trailers give you the benefit of stability, are far less likely to tip, and provide consistent operations for each load. Benefits of side dump trailers include:


Side dump trailers are incredibly stable and far less likely to tip over than end dump models.

Easy to Maneuver

Side trailers are easy to navigate into place and make dumping the contents of your trailer into the desired location simple.


The accuracy of load expulsion from either edge with side dump trailers mean you can quickly move from one task to the next.

Side Dump Trailers at King Pin

As a leading supplier of top hauling and transportation products throughout Western Canada, Kingpin trailers stocks a large inventory of products that’s constantly updated to see the demands of our customers. With multiple locations across Canada, it’s never been easier to find the solutions you need. Our current side dump trailer selection includes:

2019 Trail King TK60SSD-41 Steel Side Dump Trailer; Tri Axle

This all new trailer spans 41’ in length and 102” in width. With a capacity of 32 cu yds (full) and a water level capacity of 23 cu yds, this trailer is designed for optimum stability and performance. Contact us today to learn more about this product, as well as the rest of our inventory.