The new year is here, and with shipping demand at an all-time high, it’s time to make sure your fleet has everything you need to stay on the road and increase your revenue. As one of Western Canada’s most trusted suppliers and repair teams, Kingpin Trailers is here to help you rev up for success and avoid issues during transport. With locations in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg, you’ll always have access to the support you need, as well as leading products from top manufacturers like Doonan, XL, Hyundai and more. Kingpin Trailers believes in providing exceptional customer service, fast repair and maintenance turnaround, and always keeping a robust inventory of parts on hand to ensure you have everything you need when it matters most.

If you’re looking to expand or enhance your fleet in 2022, don’t miss your chance to partner with Canada’s first choice dealer, Kingpin Trailers. Read on to learn more about our inventory and services below! New and used inventory changes daily.

Quality You Can Count On

At Kingpin Trailer, our number one priority is making sure you have access to leading solutions that you can count on. As industry experts, we know the risks of choosing subpar equipment and partnering with manufacturers that focus more on speed as opposed to quality output. That’s why our commitment to you is that we’ll always go the extra mile to bring the best options to the table and to partner with brands we know and trust. Our inventory of trailers is constantly rotating across each of our 4 locations and routinely features in-demand products like:

Kingpin’s inventory of trailers spans a wide range of products including:

Flat Deck Trailers

As an industry staple, flat decks are a go-to when it comes to hauling thanks to their sturdy frame and easy to load/unload design. Flat decks are perfect for a wide variety of cargo, making them the perfect addition to any fleet, and trailers made by leaders like Hyundai and Doonan give you the peace of mind of knowing your equipment truly can go the distance!

Reefer Trailers

Say goodbye to spoiled produce and product your valuable cargo with the convenience of well-maintained reefer trailers. Refrigerator trailers are ideal for any products that depend on a controlled temperature environment to maintain their original state. Kingpin stocks several Thermotech trailers from Hyundai to keep your produce and other temperature-sensitive items as safe as possible.

Trailer Parts

In addition to fully assembled and road-ready trailers, we also carry a wide selection of competitively priced industry parts including Hyundai body parts, Verduyn replacement pieces, wheels, wiring, and just about everything in between. Through our partnership with major manufacturers, we’re also able to order specialized parts in as required.

Service You Can Trust

In addition to our robust stock of trailers and parts, Kingpin is proud to be a reliable service provider in Western Canada. We offer fleet maintenance, 24/7 mobile service and comprehensive repair options for your convenience. Learn more by contacting us today!