As one of the most popular resources in the hauling and transport industry, chances are, you’ve seen countless semi trucks with flatbed trailers on the road. Flat deck trailers are ideal for transporting heavy loads across long distances, and are a valuable asset to any hauling fleet. Learn more about the benefit of flat deck trailers, as well as Kingpin’s available inventory, below.

Uses of Flat Bed Trailers

Flat bed trailers are constructed with a solid bed made out of wooden planks or aluminum inserts that allow for the safe, efficient, transport of loads totally up to approximately 48,000 lbs on a tandem and 62,000 on a triaxle flat deck. Incredibly versatile in their range and applications, flat beds are a favourite among haulers looking to ship items that are wide or large, as well as heavy duty loads such as machinery, construction materials, components, tools, and equipment. In addition, since flat deck models are not enclosed, they are ideal for transporting multiple well-packaged or stackable goods. Due to the lack of sides or a roof, loading and unloading is easy. Ropes are commonly used to manually secure the load to the bed.

This type of trailer is ideal for freight that does not require a significant amount of protection, such as goods stored in a crate. A tarpaulin can be used to cover a load for protection against the elements.


As we mentioned above, flat bed trailers are incredibly versatile and have a wide range of applications, as well as diverse range of options available for haulers. The different types of flat bed trailers are as follows:

  • Standard flat beds
  • Step deck trailers with multiple deck levels for large cargo
  • Removable gooseneck trailers, which allow the trailer’s front to be used as a ramp for heavy goods
  • Mini decks, which are intended for heavy loads and makes standard bridge clearance possible
  • Lowboys

Flat bed trailers are versatile. There are different types of flat deck trailers. The typical flat bed trailer is 48 feet or 53 feet in length.  Specialty deck trailers can come in any length.

Your Source For Flat Deck Trailers and More

Established in 2009, Kingpin is proud to be Western Canada’s source for hauling and transport solutions. Each of our locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Vancouver feature a robust, constantly rotating inventory of product. At present, our stock includes:

With regular updates to our stock, a robust service department, and the ability to customize trailers as needed, Kingpin is here to supply you with easy access to solutions for your transportation needs. Kingpin Trailers is an authorized dealer for Trail King, Hyundai, and Doonan. For the most up to date information about our available products as well as our available services, contact our team today.