When it comes to getting your fleet back on the road, efficient repairs are crucial. The longer your vehicle or trailer spends in the shop, the less time it spends on the road, which means less revenue is generated from that equipment. Partnering with an experienced and trusted repair shop can reduce downtime spent on repairs and maintenance. At Kingpin Trailers in Edmonton, our team of technicians can get your fleet back on the road in no time! Below we’ll discuss warning signs that your fleet requires repairs and some maintenance tips. Continue reading to learn more!

Signs Your Fleet Needs Repairs

Staying on top of maintenance and repairs means you have a better chance of catching minor problems with your fleet before they develop into significant issues. Below are some tell-tale signs that your fleet requires repairs:

  • A Reduction In Fuel Economy. This can be a warning sign that your truck’s injectors are damaged or worn out.
  • Issue Shifting Gears. If you’re finding that your truck is jerking or grinding when shifting, there’s a good chance that your transmission or clutch needs to be checked out.
  • Troubles Turning. If turning your truck and trailer is becoming increasingly problematic, it’s likely an issue with your tires, power steering, or something else that requires immediate professional attention.
  • Changes In Your Truck’s Exhaust. If your exhaust has changed colours to be more black, grey or blue, that’s a good sign that your engine is experiencing issues, and a dive under the hood is necessary.
  • Stiff Locks Or Doors. In the winter, moisture can seep into seals, hinges, and locks, causing freezing problems that you can fix with lock de-icer or lubricant. However, if you’re experiencing stiff locks, hinges or doors all year round, that’s a sign that replacement or repair is required.

At Kingpin Trailers our team of highly skilled technicians can assist you with a wide range of truck and trailer repairs. Our technicians are licensed and able to perform CVIP certified inspections, so you know your fleet will be road-ready. From bodywork to trailer modifications and everything in between, the experts at Kingpin Trailers are here to help!

Additional Maintenance Tips

Creating and sticking to a regular inspection and maintenance schedule can extend the life of your fleet and reduce the chance of timely and costly repairs. Checking your fleet’s oil, tires, and lights are just a few of the tasks that you should do regularly. In addition to these maintenance duties, you should consider a few others to improve your maintenance routines. Below are other regular maintenance duties you should be doing:

  • Brake Tests. Your fleet’s brakes are a vital component that needs to be checked periodically. If you notice additional vibrations or squealing when stopping, it’s time for your brakes to be replaced.
  • Analyze Fluids. In addition to checking your fleet’s oil, other fluids in your trucks, like power-steering, should also be checked regularly, especially for long highway trips.
  • Check Wires And Cables. Your fleet’s cables and wires are vital for maintaining a secure connection to your trailers and other components of your vehicle. Inspecting your wires and cables to ensure they’re damage-free can help prevent issues like faulty lights.
  • Audit The Cooling System. To avoid your engines overheating, you should be checking the coolant to ensure that it’s fresh and clean. A professional technician should inspect your coolant systems seasonally.

Kingpin Trailers has the skill and experience to assist you in maintaining your fleet in top condition. By regularly maintaining your fleet, you can prevent costly breakdowns from occurring in the future. At Kingpin Trailers our team understands how vital these maintenance routines are for your business. That’s why we offer various maintenance and inspection services to help keep your fleet on the road.

Professional Service at Kingpin Trailers

The unexpected can happen at any time, but that’s why Kingpin Trailers is proud to offer our customers 24/7 mobile service all year round! Our mobile experts are a phone call away and eager to help get your fleet back on track. Aside from our professional inspection, maintenance, and repair services, we also offer a range of parts, tarps, and trailers from trusted brands like Hyundai. Kingpin Trailers is your trusted source for truck and trailer repairs in Edmonton and across Western Canada.

Are you interested in learning more about our range of truck and trailer repair services? Contact Kingpin Trailers today!