The large load capacity and versatility of a flat deck trailer’s configuration make them a must-have piece of equipment for any fleet in the trucking industry. The long-distance hauling industry has been in high demand since the rising boom of consumers ordering via e-commerce. Is your fleet adequately equipped to meet the hauling industry’s high consumer demand?

At Kingpin Trailers, we offer a range of flat deck trailers and a full-service CVIP-certified shop. Whether your fleet needs repairs and replacement parts, or you want to source a brand new trailer to round out your fleet, Kingpin Trailers boasts the best inventory selection in Western Canada.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of flat deck trailers and Kingpin Trailers’ full-service shop.

The Benefits of Flat Deck Trailers

Flat deck trailers are one of the most versatile pieces of hauling equipment available because of their versatile loading options, applications, and low maintenance requirements. Most flat decks have a generous load capacity between 48,000 and 68,000 lbs, depending on the trailer’s axles and configuration.

Kingpin Trailers’ Edmonton location currently stocks the following flat deck trailers:

Whether you’re hauling heavy metal farm equipment or freight of any large size, flat deck trailers are the number one solution to hauling oversized goods and equipment. The team at Kingpin Trailers is here to help if you require assistance determining the best style of flat deck trailer to suit the needs of your fleet or application.

Industry-Leading Brands You Can Trust

Here at Kingpin Trailers, we proudly stock the best hauling equipment on the market from trusted brands like Hyundai Translead and Doonan Specialized Trailers.

Hyundai Translead was North America’s first ISO 9001 trailer manufacturer and has led the industry with its progressive and innovative engineering and manufacturing processes since 2017.

Doonan Specialized Trailers, LLC boasts over 40 years of experience in the commercial trailer industry. Doonan has been leading the charge in manufacturing and engineering highly specialized custom platform trailers to meet the needs of owner-operators and their fleets.

24/7 Mobile Service Repairs

Roadside accidents and unexpected equipment failure are an unfortunate reality of the trucking industry, but Kingpin Trailers has the solution. Instead of wasting valuable time and money on towing your rig to a shop, Kingpin Trailers offers 24/7 mobile repair services where our mechanics come to you. Often, we can fix the issue right there and get your vehicle patched up and ready to hit the road again.

Kingpin’s 24/7 mobile repair services are available in Edmonton and up to 150 miles outside city limits. Our on-call mechanics will come to you in a truck fully stocked with standard parts and everything else you might need to get back on the road. Kingpin’s mechanics can handle roadside repairs with our onboard welder, tools, lights and diagnostic equipment.

Expand Your Fleet with Kingpin Trailers

Kingpin Trailers is Western Canada’s number one choice for trailer equipment and parts, repairs, CVIP inspections, and more. Expand your fleet with Kingpin Trailers today at any of our Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, or Winnipeg locations.

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