Travelling hundreds of miles across the country, over various terrains, weather conditions and load sizes, takes a toll on even the heartiest semi-trucks and trailers. Keep an eye on the trailer’s suspension and body parts, valve systems, brake systems, drums and accessories. Old or ill-fitting accessories can be detrimental to the overall system.

Be proactive this winter season. Kingpin Trailers offers maintenance and repair services as well as a well-stocked warehouse of trailer parts. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of preventative maintenance and inspecting your trailer’s parts.

Trailer Supply Valve

The trailer supply valve controls the airflow to the trailer’s brake system. If the system is left open without the trailer attached, there will be a significant loss of air pressure. There is also the possibility of moisture inside the airflow system, which must be corrected before the winter. Frozen valves may lead to system malfunctions, frozen brake, skidded tires and lost valuable time.

Brakes, Drums & Accessories

Brakes are one of the most critical components in any vehicle. Responsive brakes are non-negotiable for any vehicle on the road, especially for a massive semi-truck hauling trailers full of product down a highway.

Canadian winter driving can be a harrowing experience, even for the most experienced driver. Black ice forms out of nowhere in smooth, glossy sheets that send more than one vehicle into the ditch. White-out snow storms are prevalent in Western Canada along the Rocky Mountains. Properly working brakes are essential in any season, especially in the winter.

During the pre-trip inspection, drivers must inspect their vehicle’s service brakes, the trailer brake connection, and the parking brake. Search for any signs of rust, corrosion, leakage, or other damage.

The longer damage goes uncorrected in a brake chamber, the more dangerous it becomes. Brakes need to be responsive and damage-free to ensure the safety of everyone on the road– especially the truck driver hauling tonnes of cargo.

Kingpin Trailer Parts

Kingpin Trailers has a fully stocked warehouse for all your part requirements from trusted brands like Hyundai Translead, MAC Trailer, and XL Specialized Trailers. We are proud to be the only authorized dealer of Hyundai Translead parts due to Kingpin Trailer’s partnership doubling as the Canadian Parts Warehouse for Hyundai Translead’s proprietary parts.

Our talented technicians can install all trailer parts at each location, like the Kingpin shops in Edmonton or Calgary.

Lightning Fast Shipping

Are you seeking an original equipment part from any of those three manufacturers? Kingpin can source it for you. If the product is not in stock, a member of our sales team will place an order that same day, and it will be shipped out as soon as possible.

We offer the fastest shipping in Western Canada thanks to our four offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg. Kingpin understands that in the hauling and transportation industry, time is money. The less downtime, the better.

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Don’t wait to winterize. It’s time to bring your fleet in to be serviced by Kingpin’s certified technicians. Preventative maintenance is vital for ensuring the safety of your drivers, products, and fellow drivers sharing the road.

Kingpin offers in-house financing for trader purchases and leasing dry vans and flat deck trailers. Get in touch if you have any questions about parts replacements.