Verduyn is a Canadian-made supplier based out of Ontario. Verduyn is one of the most competitive in pricing when it comes to rolling tarps systems. They are one of the fastest for turn-around time; from ordering a new system and having it installed. They’re one of the quickest tarp manufacturers in the industry; at Kingpin Trailers, we are proud to support an incredible Canadian manufacturer.

Load like a flat deck and protect like a van; the Verduyn trailer tarp systems are designed for speed and efficiency. After loading up the cargo, long haul drivers can be tarped up, secured and ready to hit the road in under five minutes.  The risk of injury to your driver is greatly reduced as well, which is total cost savings as well in the long run

Time Saver

Traditional tarping can take many hours for drivers to properly secure– that’s lost time that they could spend driving. The Verduyn Eagle tarp is on a rolling or sliding mechanism that snaps into place, safely securing the products within. Say goodbye to damage claims caused by improper tarping; loads protected by Verduyn tarps stay clean and dry the whole time.

The transport industry is chock full of unpredictable circumstances that haulers need to be prepared for, including bizarre weather conditions that can threaten the quality of the hauled cargo.

Weather Resistant

Hauling across Western Canada can be challenging in any season due to the unpredictability of the Canadian climate. Extreme temperatures, high wind speeds, and freak storms are par for the course when hauling cross country. Verduyn tarps are trustworthy shields for even the harshest weather and provide a weather-tight seal that protects the product against the elements.

Rain or shine, drivers have peace of mind that the product they are transporting on dry beds is staying, well, dry! The Verduyn Eagle tarps are a proven system that keeps your most important cargo safe and dry from rain, snow, ice and wind.

Setting up in a storm? No problem. The tarp’s router system is on a roller, allowing the driver easy access to cover and uncover the trailer’s load. The increased safety, productivity, and efficiency the Verduyn tarp provides cannot be understated.


Regardless of height, width, step deck, flat deck, or goose-neck, Verduyn can customize any system to any trailer, new or used. All the tarps are customizable with beautiful designs that make your truck easily identifiable and stand out from the crowd on the highway.

Customization does not just stop at the design of the tarp! The stainless steel headboard is equipped with clearance lights. Customers have the option to add full-length light bars along the length of the trailer bed as well.

Built with superior quality at a cost-effective price, investing in a Verduyn tarp from Kingpin Trailers is a no-brainer. Whether your fleet is transporting machinery, lumber, liquids or anything in between, rest assured that the product is safe within the spacious, sturdy walls of the Verduyn tarp.


Kingpin Trailers has an excellent team of certified technicians who are very familiar with the Verduyn tarps. Our installation times are one of the fastest in the industry because we understand that time is money.

Additionally, the tarp’s router system is a plastic nylon roller that requires no maintenance. Once installed, drivers are ready to hit the road and meet their quota with time to spare. Efficiency and dependability are the cornerstones of Kingpin Trailers.

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Kingpin Trailers has offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg; we are proud to be a leading supplier in the hauling and transportation industry. Our stock includes dry vans and flat decks by industry-leading manufacturers like Hyundai and Doonan.

Kingpin Trailers offers in-house financing and leasing for trader purchases. Contact us to learn more about purchasing a Verduyn tarp, the installation process, or any other questions you may have.