Dump trailers are one of the most relied upon resources for hauling in the construction, roadway, and landscaping industries. With a diverse range of load capacities, these trailers function by using hydraulics to lift the bed of the trailer from the frame, easily unloading the contents. Two are the most popular configurations include end dump trailer and the side dump trailer, with both models being best suited to specific tasks and applications. Below, we’ll explore the difference between side and end dump trailers, as well as a brief overview of available models in Kingpin’s inventory.

Stability and Safety

Due to the structure of both models, the stability of the trucks differs slightly. End dump trailers, for example have a higher centre of gravity to allow for offloading, whereas side dump trailers are able to maintain a lower centre of gravity that grants increased stability overall. This lower centre of gravity also helps to reduce the risk of tip overs and ensures smooth product offloading.  One way to reduce the risk of tip-over accidents for end dump trailers is by using a live bottom or stability system. A live bottom refers to a conveyor belt that does the unloading without elevation.  Both side dumps and live bottoms provide a safer way of unloading the product.


End dump trailers are typically easier to manoeuvre than side dump trailers, making them preferable for unloading within tight or difficult to navigate spaces, such as hauling into hoppers or pits. Side dump trailers are ideal for road and other types of heavy construction, where the side offloading mechanism makes distributing product simple.


End dump trailers have higher sides than side dump models, allowing to carry greater payloads per trip. For example, a 36-ft end dump model can carry up to 36 cubic yards of payload, whereas the same side side dump trailer can only accommodate approximately 23 cubic yards.

More About Kingpin Trailer’s Inventory

As one of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of hauling and transport solutions, we are proud to maintain a robust inventory of products from top producers like MAC, Trail King, Hyundai, and Doonan. At present, our inventory currently includes:

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