Dump trailers come in several configurations, such as bottom dumps, semi-trailer end dumps, and side dump trailers. While end dump trailers are well known as a valuable resource in the construction industry, side dump trailers are commonly used in the professional hauling and transport industry. With superior stability, increased durability, and easy unloading, side dump trailers are a fantastic addition to any fleet. Learn more about side dump trailers as well as Kingpin’s available models, below!

Greater Stability

One of the key advantages of side dump trailers is their improved stability compared to other trailers in the ‘dump’ model family. Due to having a lower centre of gravity, side dumps remain remarkably stable, even during offloading. In fact, insurance companies frequently charge lower premiums for side dump trailers (in comparison to end dump trailers) because the tip over accident rate is so low. In contrast, end dump trailers often becoming unstable during the dumping process. This issue is exacerbated when the dumpling location is off-level or uneven, and can present significant risks to both the driver and those present on the job site.

Easy to Maneuver

Side dump trailers are easy to maneuver. This type of trailer can safely dump on uneven or soft ground, making it a suitable candidate for a wide range of jobs and transport sites.


Side dump trailers are incredibly versatile and well suited to hauling different types of materials such as gravel, debris, and wet materials. Side dump trailers release loads quickly and safely, with the angle of offloading allowing loads to come up cleaner and faster. This is particularly useful when hauling materials like dirt, which can often stick to the inside of the the trailer if not properly expelled.

Side dump trailers are also well suited for the following applications:

  • Site preparation
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Road construction, and more.

Side Dump Trailers at Kingpin Trailers

Kingpin’s inventory features several side dump trailers, including the following the 2019 Trail King TK60SSD-41 Steel Side Dump Trailer; Tri Axle. We routinely stock new products, with custom orders available upon request. Kingpin Trailers is considered one of the key suppliers of products in Western Canada’s hauling and transportation industry. We also offer repair and maintenance services to our clients. As an authorized dealer for Trail King, Mac, Hyundai, and Doonan, we are proud to carry leading products across our locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. Learn more about our available side dump trailers and additional products by contacting our team today.