With Alberta experiencing one of the wettest Summers in decades and cooler weather just around the corner, the importance of shielding your cargo during transport is higher than ever. Exposure to the elements can put you at risk for expensive damage to your load, delays if you lose items due to heavy winds, and lead to avoidable headaches for both haulers and their customers. Enclosed cargo vans offer protection against in-climate weather, as well as increased security for contents. Read on to learn more about the perks of enclosed containers, including Kingpin’s current inventory, below.

Perfect For Any Application

One of the biggest benefits of enclosed cargo trailers is the range and options available. From reefer models designed to haul fresh produce and refrigerated goods long distances to heated trailers that insulate cargo from the cold, cargo trailers offer multiple applications for transporters. For those hauling across the Canadian landscape, enclosed trailers are particularly useful when it comes to protecting against exposure to:

  • Snow
  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Ice, and more.

Versatile Shapes and Sizes

Enclosed trailers are available in vast selection of sizes and load capacity, meaning it easy to find a suitable fit for your cargo. From tri-axles vans equipped to handle heavy duty items like machinery, to products that need to be kept fresh, there are plenty of options on hand.

Enhanced Protection

Another benefit of cargo trailers is the security offered. When transporting valuable goods across long distances, enclosed units greatly reduce your chances of left or damage caused by a third party, as well as the chance of product falling off during transport.

Enclosed Cargo Trailers At Kingpin

As a leading supplier of trailers throughout Western Canada, Kingpin Trailer’s inventory features cargo trailers from leading manufacturers like Hyundai and Trail King. With locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, we make it easy to find the hauling solutions you need. Contact us today to find out about our most up to date inventory, as well as soon to arrive models.