Does your trucking or transportation company want to expand its operations to include large or oversized freight? In that case, you need the right trailer for the job. Fortunately, at Kingpin Trailers, we proudly offer an inventory of removable gooseneck trailers. Removable gooseneck trailers provide substantial benefits to fleets and drivers alike. Below we’ll cover what an RGN trailer is and some of the key advantages they offer. Keep reading to find out more!

What are RGN Trailers?

Removable gooseneck trailers, or RGNs, have been around since 1958. RGN trailers were first introduced to provide truckers with the capacity to transport long and tall cargo. With RGN trailers, the front section or gooseneck can be detached, making it easier for operators to lower the trailer closer to the ground. Once the trailer is in this lowered position, almost any self-powered cargo can easily be loaded onto it.

The removable gooseneck is the most distinguishing feature of RGN trailers. It simplifies the loading and offloading process and allows operators to add as many axles as necessary for the application. For instance, an RGN trailer is a great transportation option if you’re hauling overweight, oversized or heavy machinery. You can add extra axles at the rear or side sections of the trailer without compromising your ease of loading. A standard model RGN trailer typically has three axles, a maximum freight weight of 50 tons, and a legal maximum height of 3.5 m. However, with the help of Kingpin Trailers, our team can customize the length and width of your trailer to suit your needs.

Advantages of RGN Trailers

Depending on the loads your fleet will be hauling, a removable gooseneck trailer can benefit your operations. At Kingpin Trailers, we are proud to offer a variety of RGN trailers from XL Specialized Trailers. With additional trailer customization services available at Kingpin, our team is here to ensure your transportation and hauling requirements are met with industry-leading quality and workmanship. Next are a few benefits you can expect from RGN trailers from Kingpin Trailers.

Greater Capacity for Bulky Equipment

Removable gooseneck trailers are great for hauling large equipment and machinery. Each province across Canada will have different restrictions regarding height while transporting equipment. However, with an RGN, you have greater height flexibility as the trailer has a drop in the middle and can accommodate large pieces of equipment. The drop in the middle of an RGN trailer is called a “well,” and wells are typically about 29 ft across. That means you can haul larger and taller pieces of equipment by securing them in the well of your RGN trailer. Overall removable gooseneck trailers are perfect for transporting large machinery and oversized loads.

Easy to Use and Safety

As previously mentioned, the removable gooseneck of RGN trailers allows the front of the trailer to detach. This ability to separate the front of the trailer makes the loading and unloading process of large equipment much more manageable. This is a significant advantage as lowering your RGN trailer enables you to use the front of the trailer like a drive on ramp. The operators can drive large machinery onto the trailer without additional equipment like cranes or lifts. There is no more dangerous loading over the top of rear axles and trailer. So if you require a trailer that can manage heavy loads and simplifies the loading process, RGN trailers from Kingpin Trailers are a great option!

Find Your Next RGN Trailer at Kingpin Trailers

Aside from our inventory of removable gooseneck trailers, Kingpin Trailers proudly offers comprehensive trailer repair and maintenance services. These services include CVIP inspections, mobile repair, routine maintenance, and more! At Kingpin Trailers, we are your dependable choice for industry-leading trailers and outstanding customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our offering of RGN trailers!