Transporting dry goods, fresh produce, and other temperature-sensitive freight can present a challenge to haulers, particularly during the warmer months. Maintaining the correct ambient temperature within the trailer can significantly affect the condition of your cargo, making it extremely important to find a unit that keeps perishable items in the ideal state throughout the duration of your trip. Refrigerated trailers, also referred to as “Reefer” units offer a practical solution and are a fantastic addition to any fleet. Learn more about the benefits of reefer trailers, as well as Kingpin’s available stock, below.

Keep Up With Supply And Demand

The demand for fresh produce and products remains constant year-round, even in spite of fluctuating temperatures. Expanding your fleet to include options capable of facilitating transport of perishable goods increases your ability to meet this demand, as well as the potential to grow your client base in the process. Buying from a reputable supplier will give you access to trailers you can trust to stand the test of time, giving your haulers peace of mind on the road.


Temperature controlled trailers can be used for far more than just hauling fresh produce. Refrigerated trucking is ideal for the hauling of plants, pharmaceuticals, dried products, and personal care items that require a specific temperature to maintain composition.


In addition to keeping items fresh, the sealed nature of reefer trailers helps to protect freight from theft or damage from inclimate weather during transport.

Reefer Trailers At Kingpin Trailers

Kingpin Trailers is a leading supplier of hauling and transport solutions throughout Western Canada, with offices located in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. We feature a large inventory of trailers from top names like Hyundai, Mac, and Trail King. Our stock routinely changes to meet the supply and demand of our clients, and features reefer models like:

The 2020 Hyundai Thermotech 53’ Refrigerated Van Tandem Trailer and the 2020 53’ Hyundai Thermotech Duo-Temp Reefer Tridem trailer.

Find out more about our current stock by contacting our team today.