Need stable hauling solutions that make it easy to transport difficult and cumbersome loads like piping, vehicles, or hay? Looking for more stability and performance you can count on? Step-deck trailers are one of the industry’s most trusted options and valuable additions to any fleet. As one of Western Canada’s top suppliers of hauling trailers, Kingpin Trailers is proud to offer leading solutions from in-demand manufacturers like MAC and more. With locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg, finding the perfect addition to your fleet is simple. Learn more about the benefits of step deck trailers and partnering with Kingpin below.

What are Step Deck Trailers

Step-deck trailers refer to a style of semi-trailers that has two deck levels, one that is elevated and closer to the truck cab, and a lower deck that extends through the rear. This unique “layered” design makes step decks ideal for the transport of difficult cargo that would otherwise be incompatible with standard models, including heavy equipment, construction materials, vehicles, and more. The lower centre of gravity on these models makes them incredibly stable and capable of handling heavier loads across long distances.


In addition to their ability to haul challenging loads, there are several prime benefits to using step deck trailers that make them a valuable inclusion to any hauling fleet. Such benefits including the ability to load easily via forklift, the ability to transport taller loads without the need for additional permits, and the ability to stack multiple goods on the lower deck to increase your overall transport capabilities. The versatility and dependability offered by step deck trailers make them highly sought after and a wise investment overall.

Multiple Models Available

Step-deck trailers come in a wide range of sizes and model configurations including a single or double drop deck, detachable deck, and an extended single or double drop deck. With standard load capacities of up to 48,000lbs on a tandem trailer, and 60,000 on a triaxle, step deck trailers make it easy to safely and efficiently transport loads to your intended destination.

Step Deck Trailers and More at Kingpin Trailers

At Kingpin, we’re here to make finding and servicing the right equipment easy. We know how important it is to have access to an inventory that features the most in-demand equipment, as well as support that keeps your fleet on the move. With 24/7 maintenance and support available, including mobile repair, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back!

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